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I feel like i am pregnant, could i be wrong?

So i went to the doctors today cause my results came in, apparently i am not pregnant, i actually couldn't believe it because i feel that i am. my body is going crazy.
So on July 2nd & 5th, I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend of 4yrs, but we just started having unprotected sex for a year now. so we had sex a week or so before my period was due. July my period did not come, got worried. Took about 3 HPT, all negative. Then in August, i was actually waiting for my period, It came on the 13th but finished on the 14th *I was shocked & confused* never had a 2 day period. It was very light, didnt smell like a period, it was kind of pinkish, then on Monday i had dark brownish spots. (so idk what that was). I've noticed at the end of July i started urinating a lot & my undies were seriously always wet. i always have cramps in my tummy, feeling like my period is coming but it never shows. I ate alot in August but now every time i eat i get sick, feeling like im gonna vomit it all out (this happens every time). im always tired, always have backaches, have random headaches, dizzy, crave for junk foods that i dnt usually eat. my tummy is literally popping out, cant suck it in & it hurts, even when i lie on it in anyway. :( cant sleep cause im always uncomfortable.  

Im really confused, its September now and my period is late & my nipples are starting too hurt but the doctor said im not pregnant. What is going on? I also asked her if i aint pregnant then whats wrong with me, whats going on.
Cause its abnormal for me to be like this.

Can someone please give me some advise cause i personally dont know what I should do now..
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it really depends on what type of pregnancy test the doctor did...if it was just urine its possible that you may have newly gotten pregnant and its not showing yet at the doctor...the otc preg test are more sensitive then the ones at the doc...i was preg and the doc said i was not ,,,ask for a blood test and its possible that if you think your pregnant enough your body can have what i believe they call a phantom pregnancy...one thats not really there but your body thinks it is and gives you symptoms anyways....id call and ask for more test to be done...good luck !!
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