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I keep overthinking this!! Should I be worried about pregnancy?

I did NOT have intercourse with my boyfriend ( I am not mentally ready to commit to that yet ) we had dry humped with underwear on and messed around w/our hands in which he came a little on my inner thigh not towards my vagina. He said of it went on himself and not on me and he did not drip it on my area. Right after that was over I went to the bathroom and realized I was bleeding. I thought this was inplanation bleeding but I was bleeding for 6 days and it was very heavy the first two/three days. Everyone keeps telling me NO YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT because I did not have intercourse with him, we had underwear on and I started my period but I keep thinking of it in the back of my mind!! I have been getting heat flashes, nausea, back pain, cramps in the morning or throughout the day, having to go to BR, being hungry, dizzy etc. so I keep thinking these are signs of pregnancy!!!! I haveIBS, Fibro, Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and I am highly anemic so I tend to feel bad so I keep thinking these are signs of pregnancy.. But they are not right? I keep looking at my stomach to see if it is growing and it looks like it might be! Around my pelvis area there is a small bump

In short version: 1) From my scenario described should I be worried about being pregnant? And if I should worry about being pregnant, should I take a test in 14 days? 2) If you get your period RIGHT after intercourse does that mean you are clear from pregnancy?

Thank you for your time
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I think you may want to consider stopping with the intimate contact with your boyfriend because you're not only not ready for intercourse, you're also not ready for anything else sexual because you completely freak out about it afterwards. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm saying that you have panic and anxiety disorders already and this is clearly a trigger for your panic to go into overdrive, such that it's probably for the best that you do not participate in such activities.

And also, you're definitely not pregnant because that is not how babies are made. He has to put his unprotected penis inside your vagina and ejaculate for there to be any chance of getting pregnant. Him getting it on your leg will not get you pregnant.

But you've already been told all this here and you refuse to accept the truth. That's why I really think you should not be doing anything with your boyfriend that will trigger such paranoia. Perhaps you should consider that it's best for you to just hold hands and leave it at that until you can get over these irrational thoughts.

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