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I'm terrified I might be pregnant

About 3 weeks ago, I began taking an upped dose of my birth control because I had been bleeding nonstop on my previous dose. Two days ago, I began taking the pills (3 so far) that give me my period, but I have not seen any signs of that coming. I had sex 2 times about a week ago while on my birth control, a condom, and my boyfriend did not *** near, inside, or on me. But I am worried that I may have gotten pregnant due to the possibility of it getting on the package of wet wipes we both used to clean up since he touched it first. 
I'm mainly asking if upping my birth control could make my period not come, but I also want to know if I could possibly be pregnant.

Please help!
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Hello.  Welcome.  Try not to worry. You really did cover your bases for birth control with double protection---  the BC pills and the condom.  Withdrawal before ejaculation doesn't prevent pregnancy though, just fyi because the penis emits small amounts of sperm while inside of you before the 'big' event.  Anyway, so you take your pill and the pills that you say give you your period are actually probably just sugar pills.  You are manipulating things with the hormonal pills and then you take sugar pills which cause your body to not get those hormones and then you start spotting.  That's a period on the pill.  It's not like when you ovulate and your uterus builds up and then fully sheds.  I understand being concerned though when there is a change in what is your 'norm'.  I do not think you are pregnant though.  You can take a test though since the sex happened two weeks ago.  You're going to get a negative.  I'd just stay on track with how you usually take your pills and if you totally skip any spotting this time around and then skip it next time you start the sugar pills . . . call your doctor.  They'll want to check your hormones.  Hope this helps.  good luck and proud of you for being SO responsible in preventing pregnancy.  good job!
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How are you doing now?  Any update?
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