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I'm terrified

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So I have a cyst on my ovary which my doctor told me could mess up my cycle.
Last month we had a condom slip accident on the 4th of January and even though my bf hadn't ejaculated yet we panicked and got ellaOne 5 hours later. I talked to the pharmacist and even though my fertile window was days ago he told me since I'm irregular and have I cyst it's better to take it. I was expecting my period on the 13th of the month but on the 6th I had brown discharge and some blood which stopped 2 days after and then got my period on the 12th. The pharmacist told me that the bleeding from 6-9 of January was because of the pill and that I got my period on the 12th of the month. So far so good coming up to the next month on the 15th of January I was with my bf and we had protected intercourse but before he put the condom on he went inside me 2 or 3 times but I stopped him and told him to put the condom on because I panicked. He never ejaculated not prior to our intercourse and not after since we had to leave and stopped. It's the 11th of the month and I didn't get my period yet. I normally have brown discharge and cramps 2 days before but I don't have these now. It was supposed to come somewhere here but I'm scared and terrified. My cyst was messing up my cycle but most times I'm regular 29 days or 30 days. I'm scared because what if I got my period on the 6th of January and it was not ellaOne ? If that's so then my period is late for 6 days but If my period was on the 12th of January then why is there no sign of it coming?  Can ellaOne mess up more than one cycle? Could I be pregnant from just him entering me 2-3 times if he didn't ejaculate but from precum? I read online that this can happen but he never finished and the previous day we didn't do anything so he didn't ejaculate before our intercourse.. is it to early to test? Should I really be worried ? I think my ovulation was on the 27th of January If I'm counting correctly and that day I also had different discharge more watery and transparent like so if it's like that my intercourse was more than 10 days earlier. Since then we didn't have any other intercourse
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Update for someone who's probably into the same situation as I am, I took a test the following day that the pharmacist gave me which detects pregnancy as early as 7 days after contact and it came back negative. I tested in the 2nd day of my missed period but I still haven't got it I'm literally freaking out. Was it too early to test? The pharmacist gave me that certain test because they said it's very sensitive so why no period yet
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Update? Going through the same :(

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