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Implantion bleeding or period?

I had unprotected sex with my partner on 2/23/18 and have been feeling strange ever sense. A weird bloat/rock type feeling in my stomach that I've never felt before, light cramps and back pain (though I have chronic back pain) and also frequent headaches (and I'm also prone to headaches too), nausea(with some vomiting but not limited to morning) as well as sore breasts (which is NOT a typical period symptom I get). Today, 3/5/18, 9 days after the unprotected sex, I've started bleeding. It would be about 1-2 weeks roughly until I'm due for my period. Could this be implantation bleeding? I have light cramps but not like my typical period, usually I'm doubled over in pain from them, these are not painful at all. Just a mild annoyance, I wouldn't even call them painful, they've actually lessened as the day has gone on. My blood is red though which I read it shouldn't be for implantation bleeding? But I've also read it can be red and easily mistaken for a light/early period. I've already taken an at home pregnancy test, yesterday, which came back negative but I know it's unlikely I've built up enough hormones to test positive. Thoughts?
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Normally, women feel nothing in early pregnancy.  You aren't going to notice anything the day or few days after you had sex.  So, all of that was in your imagination.  Implantation bleeding is something you read about on the internet but I don't know anyone who actually had it.  However, since you had unprotected sex, you can take a test on the first day your period is due OR buy an early detection test which says it is accurate around 4 days before your period is due.  Use first mornings urine but realize any test you take before your period is due could be a false negative.  Ya, your test was too early. Don't waste your money on testing early.  good luck
Thank you for the advice :) this is certainly not a normal period for me but who knows, maybe I'm early. But If they could all start being like this, I'd be okay with it! It's not to not be crumpled over in pain and having to worry about bleeding through my pants. As for the symptoms, I've done so much reading online, I don't know what believe. Some people/doctors online say nausea and cramps can occur as soon as 2 days after conception and others say it's not possible to have any until 6 weeks. Implantation bleeding itself, is something I never even heard of until I was researching being pregnant, a lot of websites say you cant even be pregnant without the implantation bleeding but others say it doesn't always occur, some say it cant even happen unless its multiples. It's confusing and stressful but I guess I'll have my answer if this lasts longer than 3 days! Thank you!
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