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Irregular Periods from 10/2015-Present... Day 43 of Menstrual Cycle

Hello Everyone!
     First time posting here, total newbie (in general). So I'm sure you all already know where/what I am going to post about based off the title of my post as well as the topic forum... A little background information about myself: I'm 26yrs old (my BF is the same age), have been with my BF for 4.5yrs (yes we are sexually active), sometimes we do/don't use condoms (haven't in quite a few months), we are not currently TTC.. We do use the "withdrawal method", but generally do it a bit early -- we really should be using condoms all the time -- we usually choose other sexual things that does not involve intercourse (**, HJ, etc) for my BF to finish.

I'd like to start off with when my AFs started becoming weird, which was in October of 2015. I had my AF from October 29th to November 1st -- can't remember if there was anything strange about it or not....ironically I started keeping track of my period (again) on my phone with that period.

     I did not have a period at all in December, but there were some strange things that happened. I generally always have sore/tender breasts prior to my AF & always have cramping -- generally mild prior to AF & the cramps worsen as AF continues until my heaviest day. In December my breasts became extremely swollen, like way more swollen then normal around the 23rd-25th -- it was to the point that my stretch marks on my boobs disappeared (went from C-Cup to AA-Cup -- due to sports/cheerleading/gymnastics -- & now I am a B-Cup). They were also extremely tender and sore (& very swollen) for about 1-2weeks, closer to 2 weeks.. I didn't think much of it other then maybe I was just retaining more water than usual....but I found it odd I didn't get my visit from AF until January 4th -- usually I get my visit within 2-4days of symptoms. I also usually have AF during (almost all) Holidays like clock-work..only on very rare occasions do I get to enjoy Easter,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or New Years without AF. This past Halloween I had AF as normal, but did not have AF for any other listed Holidays (exception is Easter).

My last visit from AF was January 4th to January 6th. AF was very weird, as she usually visits for 3 full days & spots the 4th day (sometimes even the 5th day). January 4th AF visited in full swing along with the 5th for most of the day....then it turned to spotting & I had spotting on the 6th (last day of AF), but it wasn't like my usual spotting or usual AF. Everything about my last AF was weird. It is now February 9th which would be the 43rd day since my last AF (if you count from Jan 4th until now). I haven't had any symptoms of AF coming to visit & haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy either other then in December when my breasts became extremely swollen & tender.

I haven't taken a PT yet, but plan on taking one if AF doesn't visit within the next week. Any advice, opinions, or ideas? Could I be pregnant? Could I just be late or having a change in my cycle? I know every few years your cycle can change... Should I wait to take a PL or should I get one ASAP? Starting to get a little worried now that I realized just how far along I am in my cycle. My AF can be regular, but also irregular as she was always irregular when I was heavily involved in sports, cheerleading, & gymnastics, but I haven't done any of that since 2009.

Any helpful tips, advice, & opinions are greatly appreciated!
TIA & I hope everyone have a wonderful day/night!

-- Shelly
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It has been 37 days since my last MC/AF visit (01/04/2016), not 43...
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