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Irregular period/Light Spotting/Brown Discharge- I may have some possible answers to help

I see a lot woman asking the same question "Am I pregnant?" "I'm spotting when I'm supposed to have my period"... ..."Haven't had my period and its be 5-8 days late, negative hpt" etc....

So, i decided to share my story and hopefully I can help. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of all these women asking the same questions and for help and never come back to let us know what their out come was. >:0(

But I'm not going to do that! I'm going to definitely keep you guys posted with what ever happens to me. I truly want to help and hopefully i can shed some light.

So here's my story....it may be a lot to read so I'm going to try and make it simple. Facts about me:

I'm 24 years old.
Never been pregnant before
No miscarriages/abortions
Been off birth control since 2006
Been using the pull out method with my husband since 2005
We have sex all the time. Before and after my periods. So I'm sorry, cant be specific on these dates
I recently lost an average of 17 pounds since the beginning of this year (2010).
And been having regular periods for well over 2 years

I've been bloated, fatigued, my appetite has increased a little. Been having troubles falling asleep at night. Been going through fluttering cramps (less painful than my regular period cramps). Using the restroom a lot (peeing). And having  very mild lower back pains, again not as painful as my regular period pains. And most importantly i have been stress free! Stress can play a huge part in your menstrual cycle and can cause it to be irregular.

Now...here's whats happening...

Was supposed to have my period on May 13, 2010 (Thursday)...instead i got very light pink discharge that wouldn't even stain or seep through a pad/tampon. I figured i may be a couple of days late (which is normal) and went on with my days. By the time May 16, 2010 (Sunday) came around i noticed that the light pink discharge completely stopped so of course i worry that i may be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test on May 18, 2010 (Tuesday) and it was negative. Then on May 19, 2010 (Wednesday) around 11pm i had brown discharge. So i used a tampon to bed because i wanted to see the amount of discharge when i woke up. The next morning it was practically nothing on the tampon and didn't have any discharge at all for the rest of the day! (so annoying, I know). Well, today  (May 22, 2010 Saturday) i took another hpt in the morning (that's the best time to do the test since your urine is more concentrated) and it was negative again . Then around 3 pm  i started with the brown discharge again with a little bit more intense cramps in my lower abs.

Now I'm like 8-9 days late on having a real menstrual cycle and I'm concerned. So i called my aunt, who is currently a nurse but worked as a laboratory scientist for many years in NY ( I think that was her title..either way she knows a lot about bacterias and blood cause thats what she worked with). Oh, and she knows a lot ovulation dates since she did the whole artificial insemination process last year (which worked for her first time around and had her baby at age 50! :0) ). And i also called my cousin who is a doctor in NJ.

Pretty much they told me i may be pregnant. Plain and simple. They told me if i was having painful, burning and frequent urination then it may be an infection called cystitis. However, that was ruled out because I've had cystitis before and that feels like your passing a stone! Its an horrible pain.

Then they told me the best thing to do is go to the doctor and getting the blood work done since this has never happened to me before. Now if that comes out negative as well then it will be up to the doctor to order a ultrasound or i will just have to do the waiting game because it sometimes take some women 3 months before they find out if they are pregnant.

They also said to take it slow, no heavy lifting, straining, or stressing! Just in case to prevent a miscarriage.

I know this was a lot to read but i know how you guys feel and its no fun searching for half answers. I'm blessed with a wonderful family who will take the time to help me and the least i can do is share the information as well. So please if you have any questions let me know and I'm definitely going to keep you ladies informed with my out come.

I promise!
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Well like your family said you may be pregnant and for some women pregnancy tests do not, for whatever reason, show up positive for a few months.  As for the cystitis don't completely rule that out.  Each infection is different and it affects your body in different ways.  But the spotting could also be due to implantation.  The brown blood does indicate old blood so it's possible.  You are very fortunate to have such a caring family that is willing to help you.  Good luck and I hope you get your answer soon.
I need some help!:( Im 18 years old and I recently ( about A month ago came off of my contraception and I had a withdrawal bleed. Its been 2/ nearly 3 weeks since then and I have all of a sudden had some brown discharge on Friday and unconistent very light bleeding since, its now Monday and has completely stopped. I usually have very heavy and long periods (sorry too much info!) Im so confused can anybody explain to me what this could be?
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Thank you!  Wow, you really hit the nail on the head.  I too am so sick of post w/o a follow-up reply.  I was just thinking the same thing after reading all these post and never seeing a outcome post.  

I'm having a similar situation this month... However, with me this last week I had brown stringy discharge for 4 days, and 1 day w/o; AF is due this Friday.  My hubby and had fun this morning believing my issue had cleared up, but then I had bright red spotting on TP (sorry for TMI) and its gone again.  I'm so confused and just online searching for answers until I can actually speak with a doctor.  

My husband and I have ttc for 2 yrs, and I'm finally working with a doctor to figure out what's going on.  I did my blood work on May 21st and my next appointment is the 27th...  I haven't received any news yet, but I so look forward to reading your outcome.  

Good luck!
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Well on started bleeding late saturday night and all sunday. However, its not heavy at all and today, its very light (definitely not normal for me) with a few small clots which i hope is normal clotting . So I scheduled to get some blood work hopefully by tomorrow. I woke up today again today like a zombie...even after drinking a red bull I just want to lay down and take a 6 hour nap

I'll keep you posted!

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So i tested negative again. So i will be going to the gyno sometime next week to get checked out. If i am pregnant then im one of those who dont find out until 3 months later :0( . Either way i will be back as soon as i find out whats going on.

And the waiting game begins....*sigh*
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Good luck.  The waiting game *****!!!!!!!!  Hope you get your BFP soon.
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Well I have the worst luck...So i tried to contact my primary care dr to see if she would give me an order to get some blood work done. So while i speak to the nurse i explain my situation and make it evident that coming into the dr office is a waste of money and time (it really is..they dont do anything in the office!!! they just send you elsewhere if you need blood drawn, etc). So at first the nurse was like ok and asked if i had a obgyn and i stated "no, but im thinking of finding one soon" and as soon i said that the nurse was like "welp, you need to go to the obgyn and get that done" im like WTH 2 secs ago you were going to give me the order. So w.e i called the obgyn they really didnt have any appts for this week so i was like ok let me just go to the stupid primary dr and waste my time and money but at least get seen.

Well... of course they were booked completely for friday so the front desk clerk asks me what was wrong so i BRIEFLY told her what was going on ("im having all signs of pregnancy, im extremely bloated with negative hpts and i just want to rule out pregnancy or any other complications like cysts") sparing ALL the details (what was the point she wasnt a nurse and didnt even tell me she was going to speak to the dr when she placed me on hold) . How about this piece of crap doctor says and i qoute "if you took pregnancy test then your not pregnant, you should take some over the counter GAS medication"  *insert big upset frowny face here*

I was like "REALLY!?" and just hung up. obviously the dr i chose wasnt a really good one. They didnt get my chart...didnt ask for my age... didnt even speak to me personally! So sad to say i still dont know whats going on. Im still very bloated and have flutterly cramps here and there. I will try to make an appt with an obgyn tomorrow but im sure i will have to wait a few days to get in.

Did anyone else find out some answers?

So with that being said...I'll be back  *sigh*
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