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Is a pregnancy test accurate 9 weeks after a risk? Missed period?

The logical Awnser is I haven't had sex or been naked around my partner to be pregnant so why am I worried...right? For these past 9 weeks I've been extremely nervous and scared, there Isint a day that I've gone without having a breakdown. I've asked this question maybe twice now but I want someone to please just hear me out! When I say no sex, I mean no sex! No oral or manual or anything! Im 16(f) and my boyfreind is 17(m) the furthest we've gone is making out and that's about it! Okay so this is every thing I can remember happening. Aftermaking out I fear that I touched precum that passed through his jeans so on his pants then touched my self with it. Please don't leave yet. That was on March 23 9 weeks ago! Around 15 days later I experinced what you called egg white discharge. So maybe I was safe. April 18, I think I got a period. This period was short, a week early, and only heavy 1 day out of 4. Fearing implantaion I took a test 4 days later negative. 5 and 6 weeks after the incident I took another test again negative. I'll have to add another encounter in which im scared about This was on Easter all I did was sit on top of him fully clothed + a pad for no more than 20 seconds. Me being scared asked him to go to restroom to check if he had precum and said he did but only inside his underwear. This week it should've been my period but I have no symptoms of it comming any day soon im super panicked! I have no breastpain or painful cramps! My stomach feels slighty hard and im I'm worried. I don't feel.extreme tiredness or the urge to vomit. All I have is alot of white discharge, nausea, and some times headaches all symptoms of pregnancy! All my freinds tell me im fine Because I didn't have sex but maybe i was unlucky! Im going to test again but im scared of a postive! Is 9 weeks a long enough wait? I've heard stories of moms not getting a postive til maybe 20 weeks in their pregancy. I can't wait much longer and having all this pressure on me! I've begged my mom to take me to a doctor but that was of no use. Some one please help me or atleast any advice! Every awnser is appreciated please help! I just tested and it came out negative is it reliable?
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Gabby, there's no way you can be pregnant from what you describe. Your signs and probably irregular periods are perhaps due to PCOS (ovarian cyst) , which a doctor could diagnose. If your mom can't afford a doctor visit,  you could just wait it out, or even go to one of those pro-life pregnancy clinics which will give you an ultrasound that would calm your fears.
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