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Is implantatio bleeding possible 2 days after concieving?

So on August 16, I had sex with my boyfriend. At first, we didnt use a condom. Within, I'd say, 20 seconds during sex, he pulled out and put on a condom because he was paranoid. I am NOT on birth control, although yes I know I should be. I'm 20 and not in the position to have children any time soon.
We had protected sex the following day. Everything was fine.
On August 18th, I noticed a bright red spot of blood in my underwear. Im very irregular, my last period ended on June 28th, a month in a half prior. So I thought I was just spotting and assumed I was starting my period. Later that day, even though we had protected sex, my boyfriend was still paranoid and asked if I wouldnt mind taking plan B so I took it.
The following morning on August 19th, I took out my tampon and there was dried blood on the tip and barely anything. I didnt bleed at all afterward the rest of the day. That same morning however I was exteremly emotional, and even had a panic attack where I began dry heaving. I ended up making myself throw up believing I must have ate something to make me sick.

The next day on August 20th, I noticed light brown watery discharge in my underwear and it's continued for 2 days.

I'm just confused if I am starting my period in a couple days, or I may be pregnat? My breats are getting slightly sensitive, I have been emotional, and my lower stomach has been feeling slightly bloated and tight.

Im just not sure if these are signs Im beginning my period or implantation bleeding. Sorry to be so specific!! Im just very nervous I may have thrown up the plan B before it took effect? Or the condom may have slipped off or something. Please help! Thank you so much!

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Your sure fire way to know is to do a pregnancy test. If you use the clear blue you can use before your due your period and after. If it's positive go to see your doctor and if it comes back negative it still might be best to get a blood test done at your doctors do you know 100%.
Thank you! I took a clear blue test today and it was negative. Plus, I started bleeding regular blood again so Im assuming my period is back on track

But I've read some women take another test after they have bleeding and it comes out positive. So do you think theres a slight chance I can still get pregnant ?
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