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Is there a chance of pregnancy if we never got naked?

I'll start by saying that I'm pretty scared and have no idea of what will happen next. I'm a 15-year-old girl and really never had sex. My boyfriend is 17 and we're both pretty much virgins. From what I think I'm pregnant no one wants to believe me, it's probably more of an irrational fear from a dream I had in December, and this includes my parents. My mother won't take me to a doctor and I'm too afraid to ask my dad, even though we never had sex! In fact, I've never seen or touched a bare penis in real life. So because of the lack of sex ed and help from my loved ones I want to explain my stress here. As of today, I'm around a week late; I took a test friday may 31st  and negative! I'm panicking over an event that took date around March 23. This isn't the first scare I've had btw. I'm a teenager so I've made sure to not have sex till I'm emotionally and financially prepared. Anywho this doesn't stop me from doing "safe" stuff such as making out. Ok! so here it goes my entire pregnancy scare relies on this. Keep in mind we never got naked. I am extremely scared at the fact that precum can go through clothes if fully saturated. I don't recall him being wet from the outside but if he was I could've touched it. Sperm isn't magic I get it, but my mind is processing as my hand touched the wet spot so that must mean sperm jumped into my hand despite my hand never being wet. As he went to the restroom, I touched myself to check if *I* was wet gross right? sorry. Oh, I'll have to add this was the last day of my March period. when he came back he told me he had precum but only inside his underwear(apparently men underwear have two layers in the crotch area can someone confirm?) This is when My scare began. These past 10 weeks have been the absolute worst! I've been panicking, stressing, crying, and all together scared for my life. I've taken countless pregnancy tests only to read up on the internet that women may not get a positive result until maybe 5 months in their pregnancy. As for my April period happened 3 weeks after the incident. But because I thought it was implantation bleeding, I took a test for days later and found it to be negative. Why I think it was implantation it was 4 days long a week early and well not as heavy but still heavy to soak through a pad. I took tests 5 and 6 weeks after March negative. May came around and no period or symptoms. It's been 45 days since my last period (my cycles are usually 35-37 days) and well I'm truly scared. I still have no symptoms of a period coming any time soon however I experienced clear discharge after I peed a couple of days ago I'm praying it was late ovulation. I've woken up with diarrhea for about a week and slight cramps on my sides so that worries me. No nausea no vomiting no sore boobs no extreme tiredness. I took a test Sunday Wednesday and today all negative. Some questions I would like answered before I stop posting the same ''bs'' is. Can I get pregnant this way? Are tests accurate by now? Can sperm penetrate clothing such as underwear and jeans? If I'm not pregnant why am I so late? Why do women say sometimes tests will not be positive until further in pregnancy despite a missed period? Is what I'm feeling fear or a baby? I'm not trying to fool anyone I've posted this before different times asking the same thing. I know no one is a doctor but if you're a mom, please share your experiences with me as I'm losing a lot of hope. I'm sorry this is getting annoying and repetitive. I'm sorry, goodbye, thank you.please help asap :((
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I really didn't have to read anything beyond the title of your post.  NO.  Not possible to get pregnant if you weren't naked and no penis entered your vagina.  What you describe isn't a way people get pregnant.  
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Sorry if it's a bother, but what if precum got in my hand from touching the pants? I don't have anyone to talk to and im very panicked considering my period won't start and have no symtoms of pms. How likely is pregnancy and are my tests accurate? Do I test again?
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Not at all possible youre fine
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