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I've had two periods in one month, could I be pregnant?

I've had two periods in one month, I am planning on going to the Dr. later this week, but was just curious what other members were thinking on this. It's hard for me to to tell what kind of symptoms I have because I had back surgery a few months ago and am taking pain pills for this, so my symptoms are all over the place. The only symptom I've had just recently is cramping, the first sign of a period was pretty light and shorter than my usual, the second is light as well. My main question is could I be pregnant? My husband and I are currently sexually active, and we usually use condoms, but there were a couple of times that we didn't. Thanks for checking this out.
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if you had a period...better yet two periods especially in one month...the answer would be no you would not be pregnant.

was it your actual period?

your not aways using protection so yes you could but it doesnt look that way..but the only way to tell would be a test..not a guess
well from me to you guys i am telling you that if you trust in Jesus and always pray for him about everything , he will answer all your prayer.....God is the only one who can give us our baby...what we want , we ask for God and he will give us..never loose your hope to God...Always pray for him.........
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do you sometimes have light periods? or is it totally out of the norm? also were they clotty, brown, or pink?
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Both of my periods were lighter than normal and towards the middle and end they were brownish/pink. The reason I brought up pregnancy is because I know that sometimes women could have bleeding/spotting at the beginning of pregnancy and while they think it's a period, it's actually the implantation of the egg (Discovery Channel). Thanks for the response.
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Well it is definitely possible to be pregnant and it could have been implantation bleeding and not a period. If you are consistently having 2 periods a month I'd be concerned. If it was a one-time deal then I wouldn't worry about it. If you're not pregnant, sometimes our cycles "glitch" and they'll get back on track.

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i had a period on the 8th and again on the 22nd which is a 2week apart what does this mean.
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Well I had two periods in one month and to find out I was pregnant! So its possible.
me too. but which  period to count from?
me too. but which  period to count from?
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