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Likelihood that Im Pregnant?

I am 21 years old. I am not on any form of birth control. My periods are usually very heavy, regular, and last approximately 7 days in totality. My last period began on March 1st and lasted until March 7th. I noticed the presence of ewcm on March 12th. It was very light, just a single string of ecwm on March 12th. On March 13th, the ecwm was more abundant. I had sex on March 14th. My partner had not ejaculated for weeks prior to intercourse. I was on bottom. He came inside me. On March 15th, I had sex with another partner. Again, I was on bottom and he came inside me. We had intercourse twice that  evening and he also came inside me the second time. On March 15th, I was considerably much more wet than what I would consider normal for myself. My cycle is typically 30 days entirely.  About a week following intercourse, my areolae were darker in coloration. The bumps on them, I believe they are referred to as the areolar glands, became much more prominent. I would describe them as being raised or enlarged. I have had brief spells of feeling very warm and briefly nauseous. I have not thrown up to date. On March 26th, I visited my doctor and had a urine test done. The results were negative. My doctor ordered a blood test at my persistence. She said she ordered one with the numbers so Im assuming that she was referring to a qualitative blood test. This test as I found out on March 27th was also negative. A home pregnancy test taken on March 28th also yielded negative results. Moreover, on March 24th I experienced light bleeding. I only needed to wear a thin pad. The bleeding was thick and brown. By March 25th, the blood was bright red in color and came in what may be described as a medium flow. This light flow stopped on March 29th. What worries me is that this period like flow was much lighter than my normal periods as well as came much to early for my normal period. Also, my areolae are much darker and the areola glands are very prominent. I have felt very tired, dizzy, and at time nauseous. Research indicates that some women may have what resembles a period in early pregnancy and that sometimes their hcg counts are too low in early pregnancy to be detected. I am wondering what the probability remains that I am pregnant? I still have one at home pregnancy test left. When would it be recommended that I check again? Am I simply just over paranoid?
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Well if you didn't use any protection then you could have gotten pregnant. The test may have been too early or you could just be tricking your body into thinking you are. Relax and wait for your next period. Sounds like you're not. Your mind can make you experience symptoms.  Also use protection so that you aren't making yourself sick over possibly being pregnant.
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