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Missed period, lots of snotty discharge, what's going on?

Sorry for such long post!
I'm going to throw around some dates of when I have spotted to give you some information about what is going on with my body.
My last real af was on March 7th and it only lasted 3 days and was very light. Then on March 23rd I had light spotting. On the 4th of April I had pink spotting after BD and then literally a spot of red on April 6th. Then very light watery brown, almost not there, spotting on the 23rd of April.
This is all very confusing, I know :/ but I'm pretty convinced that March 7th is still my last af. I need to make an appointment with my OB for this next week.    

For the past week I have been having a lot of water/creamy discharge, and just yesterday I had a big glob of stretchy mucus that has continued into today. I am having some cramping which feels similar to menstrual cramps, but nothing has happened yet.
I've been having pg symptoms, headaches, prominent veins, sore dark nipples, ect., and just recently a sore throat, which some say is caused by your immune system lowering during early pregnancy. (but that's just wishful thinking on my part right now prob)

I have taken several different brand hpt, all had very very faint lines so I assume they are neg. They showed up immediately when it was absorbing but some have said that it could still just be the anitstrip (think that's what it's called).

What would be your advice for me at since I feel as if I am in limbo. I am contacting my OB tomorrow, but it will prob be a week before I get to see her. I feel very pregnant and I have even started gaining a little weight, which is prob just bloating. Any advice would help thanks!
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I also forgot to add that I have been having a lot of nausea, if I smell or see something that grosses me out I become even more nauseous. I'm able to clearly smell the trash, which is in the other room, as if it was next to me and it's making me want to gag.
Two more things, my veins are so prominent right now, that you can feel them through the skin. About a week ago I noticed that there is a light brown line going from my belly button all the way down past my pelvic area. (and my freckles are getting darker!) I know that my mother started noticing a linea nigra at 5 weeks when she was pregnant with me. That was when she knew to test.
Just wanted to add that!
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If your last real AF was March 7th then there is a good chance you could be pregnant assuming you were sexually active about 2 weeks prior to this (during possible ovulation). If that is true you would be fairly far along somewhere around 8 weeks, in which case you would probably be having pregnancy symptoms to include bloating that you were talking about.
The thing that confuses me is that you said when you took pregnancy tests you said there were faint lines? What test did you use and which lines were faint. There is a control panel which will show a line to show the test is working and usually a second line will come up if the test is positive, even a faint line is a positive and means you are pregnant, as long as you are looking at it in the time it tells you too (usually after 2-3 min. and to not read it after 10 minutes because that is when you can get a false evaporation line).
The Dr. will have you do a blood test, actually probably an ultrasound since you are far enough a long. Until then treat yourself as if you are pregnant, i.e. no alchohol, tobacco, raw fish, avoid caffeine, no pills or medications unless approved by Dr. etc.....
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I forgot to add that increased Discharge is totally normal.
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Yes DH and I have been pretty active the past few months. I've been extremely busy the past few months with graduation stuff and never got around to buying an OPK, so that's why it's been so confusing as to what's been going on.

I used ClearBlue, and First Response. I've used them over the course of this month, and the last one I took was about a week ago. Both had very faint lines where the positive should be. I was afraid that it was only an evap line since it was not even able to show when I took a picture of it. But they showed up as the stick was absorbing, and Maybe had slight color to it. So I'm also confused.

Thanks for your comment btw!
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If you had faint lines where the positive should show I would definatly think you are pregnant. The spotting and brown discharge you have our pretty normal in early pregnancy, you would only worry if you were having bad cramping, passing blood clots, or lots of tissue, that would be signs of a miscarriage.
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