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Need help determining if im in trouble or not. PLEASE HELP!

my boyfriend was wearing nothing but his underwear as he took off my pants and was performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a female)  on me. When he finished he touched his erected penis (that was still within his underwear) on my open, bare exposed vulva. Obviously i was wet but i couldn't tell if he was, if he had pre-ejaculate or not, but either way he touched his erected penis to my vaginal area as though going to insert but only for a moment, (and while he still wore his underwear). My question is, is it possible to get pregnant from this situation? My period is due to start this week and im worried. Im terrified of an unwanted pregnancy. Could sperm possibly pass one layer off clothes and get me pregnant? Please help. Im am in desperate need of answers.
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Hunny. No.
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No but please if you dont wanna get pregnant use birth control and have him use condoms its common sense
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Sperm can't swim through clothes, your safe but yeah do the protection thing.
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No your not pregnant from that, also don't worry about it or the stress will delay your period to freak you out
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Thank you all for answering, i know my story sounds dumb and the likelihood of pregnancy appears low but i can't help but wonder why my period is so late. It could potentially be due to stress but the concern often still gets to me because after he did oral  on me i gave him a hand job and he let out some liquidy ejaculation (it might have been pre-ejaculation) and i was cautious not to touch myself but he often tries to pull me in to "bump uglys", but i aleast put my pants back on when he did that and then he was the naked one. I know that sperm needs to be on or in the vagina or vulva to start a pragnancy but worry still gets to me and i don't know what to do about it.
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Wow smdh!¡
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Hello, I really hope that I do not come across as rude or insensitive, however, you have been asking very similiar if not exactly the same questions since as far back as early 2012, if not earlier. By looking at your posts profile. The answers and advice you recieve constantly reinforce the truth.  It would seem you suffer with anxiety with every intimate experience and this must be horrible for you. Perhaps it may be an idea to sit with a sexual health team, or doctor and fully go through the biological processes and risks. And until then abstain from the intimate side of things. As stress delays periods and it is then a never ending worry for you. Speak to them about contraception all aspects from the pill to implant to coil to condoms and spermicide. I honestly do not think that by repeatedly asking the same questions on the forum is helping you in anyway, especially as it seems you do not trust the advice, but again put yourself in the same postion that causea you worry. I really wish you well and hope your doctor can help with your understanding more. Good luck xx
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I read your previous post as well. If you are so worried about getting pregnant, talk to your doctor. I saw you don't want to take the pill because you are scared you will forget... there are other birth controls out there
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