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Need help may be pregnant

ey ladies , so I need a little help! I will start off by sharing earlier experience , earlier this year I was almost 10 weeks pregnant , I had gotten negative test all the way up to the 10th week. I asked my doctor for blood test because I knew I was pregnant , sore Brest , vomiting, extreme fatigue , implantation bleeding ect , they did a urine test and it came back negative and looked at me as if I was making everything up and told me a blood test would not be necessary, they told me to call them when I got my period. I took one more test on the 10th week because I knew something was going on with me and finally got my positive I had mad an appointment to go back and before I was able to make it to the appointment had a miscarriage! Now I am going through the same thing my cycle is 22 days late , sensitive breast some days , can’t sleep , extremely emotional , no appetite , stomach twinges , slight cramping from time to time but not everyday, headaches, bloating , and vaginal achey feeling , all the test have come back negative , I have not made a dr appointment due to how they made me feel last time (like I was crazy ) and I’m thinking maybe my cycle is trying to come but I don’t know what to think ? Any help would be great !
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That's unfortunate if you don't trigger pregnancy tests but that is extremely rare. I wouldn't automatically assume that this would happen again.  But it could.  Makes it pretty hard on you to know.  For most women, symptoms really aren't the best way to know because those same symptoms can be caused by other things.  I had a hormone imbalance o too much estrogen once and also thyroid issues.  In both of those instances, I was clearly having symptoms identical to what people think early pregnancy is like.

The only positive test you got was at home. That's a bummer.  I want to make sure you read it correctly in that it didn't sit.  If you read a test outside of the time the box specifically says, a second line will develop that is an evaporation line and not a positive.  It confuses a lot of women.  

I'm not sure of your age or why your doctor's office is not taking things more seriously when you say you are having issues and need a blood test to rule out pregnancy.  Switch doctors if that keeps happening!  Don't be afraid of feel shamed to go to them.  Their job is to help you.  Lots of women do feel they are pregnant when they aren't and maybe they were acting that way because of recent patients going through the same thing. But due diligence means to make sure.  That's an easy test to do!  Are you going to an ob/gyn when you are taking tests?

One way for YOU to know what is going on is to begin temperature taking.  Take your temp every single morning before you get out of bed (you'll have to start on first day of your period next time).  Chart it.  You will see that your temp rises a full degree mid cycle (when you ovulate) and stays there until right before your period starts and then it lowers down that degree.  EXCEPT if you are pregnant. Then it doesn't go down.  So, maybe that will help you in the future so you 'know' and helps take the mystery out of it a bit.  

But I'd demand the blood test. take someone with you that is more forceful if you are uncomfortable.  
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