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Negative Pregnancy Test and Continuing Symptoms

I took a blood pregnancy test on Mon. (you can refer to my thread posted on 9/10) that came out negative. It was early on - the day after I missed my period - but, I assumed it would be accurate since blood tests can detect pregnancy a week after conception. But, I also read that HCG levels don't rise early with some women, and it's best to re-test. But, does that apply to blood tests, too? It should have picked up at least something, being taken AFTER my missed period, right?

The only reason I'm wondering is that I'm getting bloating, cramps, and tiredness, but it's still not arrived. I skip periods quite a bit, but normally, I will not get PMS symptoms if I'm going to skip. My boobs have been sore for almost 2 weeks. I've never skipped more than 2 periods in a row. I found out that my insurance doesn't cover lab tests. I have enough for the blood test, granted it is not very expensive (awaiting the bill), but not enough for another. I shouldn't need one, right? There's also no PP clinic w/in an hour of here. I made an appt. with my gyno for next week to try to work something out with birth control, to get my cycle on track. I could bring this up then, but I was hoping someone could tell me more about blood tests. From what I've read, I'm worrying needlessly, but I've never felt this way, physically, in my life. I've also taken evening primrose oil for the past several months, which is supposed to help balance hormones naturally - I quit on Saturday. I don't think this could have a bearing on the test. My question is: is it necessary to do another blood test?
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If you have had a negative result from a blood test, then you are NOT pregnant.  You are totally consumed and freaked out about this, which can sometimes create symptoms.  I have puked up my breakfast before thinking I was pregnant, which I was not.  You are okay.  And the boyfriend can take a hike.  He expects to have sex, but refuses to have any part of a child if results don't go his way?  Seriosuly, I would think about your relationship.  Good luck, and be cautious about him.
sorry not true^^^^ if that was truly the case i would not exist and neither would my daughter i am the rare result of a well multiple blood and urine tests that were neg the doctors told my mother who looked like she swallowed a pumpkin i was a figment of her imagination that she wanted to be pregnant so bad her body was believing it as well, mind you they refused just as they did me my mother an ultrasound because blood and urine were neg. so just because it does not happen often does not mean it does not happen i am living proof and so is my daughter who every test was neg for me all my blood work was neg the drs had me thinking i was insane said i was eating to much fast food yada, yada yada until oo my water broke and here comes a baby .....boom and ya know the dr never apologized
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I have to agree - as I said before... when we think we are pregnant, your body starts acting up. Every time I've thought I was pregnant, I get a textbook set of symptoms. However, when I was pregnant for real, I didn't have so much as a sore boob until 2 months in...

I bet if you stop convincing yourself you're pregnant, your body will follow suit!
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what kind of blood pregancy test was it? If it was the quantitive (or beta) one that gives them a number that your hcg is at, then no.. you are not pregnant.

if it was the qualitive one that just gives a yes/no then sure you could at just one day after a missed period since it usually tests at like a level of 100

of course if your periods are irregular then you never know if it was the first day of your missed period right?

That said, feeling like my period was coming was my first symptoms of being pregnant in all my pregnancies... but there were other cycles that I physched/scared myself into thinking I was pregnant and had barfing, and a million other symptoms that were not "real". Nauesa usually doenst set in till the hormones get higher.. I dont knoe, like 7 weeks or so.. totally depending on the person.
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I talked to a nurse who said, yes, it was conclusive and that I wouldn't have to do anymore tests unless the gyno ordered one after the PAP smear. I really hope to find out what's wrong since pregnancy is ruled out. I keep getting cramping and tiredness, so I figure I'm going to start AF anytime, but nothing. Around the time I would've ovulated (I am irregular, but usually when i get a period, it is in the first two weeks of the month), I got the ovulation cramps and a lot of discharge. The discharge could've been because I was sexually active for the first time in a long while. I hope that they don't run a lot of tests since I don't think it's a sexually transmitted disease. When I'd complained about the discharge before (several years ago when I first became sexually active), they ordered an expensive clamydia test. I'm almost positive that my ex hadn't been with anyone else in the time he was with me. I'm guessing it's all stress-related - I'd feel so much better if I got my period, though! Wishful thinking at this point - I'm surprised all the stressors I've had lately haven't killed me yet!
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Hello ladies, I am new here, it seems that we are all in the same boat!!see, I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 months now, I got my period on 9/7(28 days regular) In my midcycle 9/20 I started spotting(brownish),cramping, and sore nipples!! today 7 dpo and I had beta blood test which came back ----!did any of you had the same experiance and turn to be pregnant? do you think I it was to early even for bets blood test?? If I'm not pregnant so what is going on. please help me with an answer. Good luck to all of you

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Hello Everyone,

I am very confused. My husband and I are ttc. We took an ovulation test last Thurs Sept. 28 and it came back positive (LH surge). So we did EVERYTHING to try and conceive on those days. Due to the fact that my husband left on a trip yesterday (Oct. 7th) We decided to take a blood test and know now before he went on his trip. I took a blood test on Fri Oct. 6th and the blood test came back negative. We were told a blood test could detect a pregnancy as early as 5 days after ovulation. Anyways, yesterday Oct 7th I had some spotting. I thought it was very strange because my period is due in a week, so this dark brown spotting and slight cramping was weird. I've heard everything about implantation bleeding, but my question is: If my blood test came back negative, could I still be pregnant and it didn't show because the blastocyst hadn't implanted? I have no other pregnancy symptoms. I don't want to get my hopes up again.
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The implantstion takes place 5-i2 dpo. The Hcg starts to built up in the body soon after that. Just wait two more days and try again. Good luck
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I have a question - I was due today for my period - so far nothing, and 2 neg hpt's.  I know it's still a little early possibly.  I have had unusual pms like symptoms this month - i normally get slight cramps (sometimes none at all) and slight lower back pain at the time that my period starts.  This time, i have been experiencing these symptoms for almost 5 days, very gassy and having frequent urination and bowel movements.  My bbs normally get sore about 5-6 days prior to af, but this time they're more sore and the other night it seemed like they actually got fuller/larger during the night. I have also thought that i'm thinking so much about it that i'm making all of this up - but i'm pretty sure i'm not!!!  btw, i'm 15 dpo.  Anyone have an opinion????? Thank you!
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I have been sick for last couple of weeks and had my rode in my arm removed about 2 weeks ago and I have signs of being pregnant I have been vomiting and my boobs are really tender and I have blue vains  sticking up and really tired if I am not pregnant what could it be and I suffer with polcycistic ovaries
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I have not had a period since July 15th and it's now August the 29th.  I took two pregnancy tests after realizing I hadn't had a period this month.  I have had extremely sore/swollen breasts, fatigue, and frequent urination.  The (two) pregnancy test came back negative.  I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the excitement of a potential pregnancy we put too much stock in our symptoms...
Now would not be the best time for me to have a baby.  I am just starting my second year of college.  But, never the less, should that test have come back positive I would have been elated!  Babies are a wonderful blessing and I just figured that I would figure it out...   Should my period not show by the September 5th I will retest.  That's just a date I came up with, I'm trying not to waste mega money on those pregnancy tests!  Especially since I am more than likely NOT pregnant! :(  Oh, well on with school and my life!
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I am going throught the same thing.  I am about 4 weeks late with my period.  I've taken 5 pregnancy tests and all negative.  I've been pregnant before and I know the symptoms.  Well I seem to have all those symptoms but I'm extremely baffled by why 5 negative hpt tests.  I honestly could not wait any longer so on Friday I went to get a blood test and I get the results on Tuesday.  I was just wondering if anybody has ever taken 5 hpt tests and all negative but still came out pregnant?
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hi i have taken 5 tests in the lst 3 months but with my expanding stomach and everything else to go with it would have thought they would be positive  but  they were negative too, my 5th test i took first thing this morning so am going to the doctors today to see if i can find out for sure cause after 2 children and a lost one i would have thought i knew what being pregnant was like!!
so will let you know how it turns out but good luck for tuesday.
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