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No period, no discharge? Does this sound like pregnancy?

Hello I’m so scared.  I’m 38 and my periods are very regular.  I get my period every 28 to 30 days.  I always have lots of watery discharge 1 week before my period, so I know when it’s coming. But now my period is 3 days late with no discharge at all.

I have had unprotected sex last month.  I don’t have any symptoms of pregnancy other than the missed period.  No breast tenderness or discharge.

I insert my finger into my vagina to see if any blood was there, and it was a drop of blood mixed with fluids.  Does it sound like I’m pregnant? I have 1 fibroid that is 4cm and I normally have heavy periods.  
Can jogging/ walking 30 minutes a day delay a period? I just started last week.
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Hello.  Well, unfortunately, if you had unprotected sex last month and your period is late, you really need to just take a test to find out.  :>))  A dollar store test or urine test from the grocery will give you your answer.  Use first mornings urine if possible and follow the instructions exactly.  I will tell you that women are late ALL the time and it can be out of nowhere. Yes, changes in routine including exercise routines can make us late. As can stress, illness, trauma, weight gain or loss or having a slow or fast thyroid.  All can impact our cycle making our period come later than usual.  So, get the home pregnancy test (they are cheap and pretty reliable) and do that.  If not, you can wait to see if your period comes and if it doesn't in a full week, take another test.  By then you would get a positive most likely if pregnant.  If it still doesn't show, consider seeing your ob/gyn. They can do some blood work to see if hormones are funky.  But most women ARE late from time to time.  good luck
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Thanks for the reply.  I started bleeding yesterday evening.   Its red color, but its not much. I am used to extremely heavy periods with clots.  Just enough to fill a panty liner.   I’ll be able to go to the store in a few days, so I will get a pregnancy test.

Can Implantation bleeding happen later than day 14 after ovulation?
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Help,  anyone?
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