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Ok so about a month ago me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to have sex, he put on TWO condoms but before that i jacked him off, i told him i wasnt gonna touch him or myself after i gave him a hand job and a ******** and i didnt, so he put the condoms on by himself and well i dont know if he got sperm on his hand or not, no punctuation occured because we werent n a comfortable position so i juss told him id jack him off some more, so i did and he cummed and while i was jacking him off he was fingering me but i made him stop because i didnt know if he had sperm on his hands or not, well the day we done all this, later that day i started my period and he was freaking out and so was i, cause he kept thinking could u have gotten pregnant? well i told him i dont feel like it and i juss dont have any symptoms and i dont! but i normally have my period either on the 28th or th 1st of the next month, my period has always been irregular, never on the same freaking day but im still concered, a couple of days ago my brother kicked me in my vagina on accident and its been hurting, do u think thats causing me not to start my period or do u think im pregnant?
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Hi! First thing, you NEVER should used two condoms. Often times young people may think that putting two condoms on means double the protection in case one breaks, but really it means an increased chance in both breaking because of the friction, and is just not necessary, and when you can't get them free anymore, is just a waste of money :).

And to keep it breif and simple, plently of women tend to freak out when they first start to play around with the whole sex thing and certaintly, when you're young, pregnancy is a freak of out matter. But when it comes to hand and blow ----, condoms, and fingering, and worrying about possible sperm being transferred in someway to the vagina-there are slim chances of pregancy, mind you they are there, but very slim.

A lot of young girls are afraid togo on birth control becaue they are afraid of their parents finding out, embarassment of people knowin they are having sex, or because of moral issues. I can tell you that doctors have to keep all patient information confidential, an there are programs such as Planned Parenthood that can give you Contraception Devices free of cost. So worry of your freinds or parents finding out can be eliminated, as long as you keep the pills, opr whatever you choose, in a safe place, or always keep them with you. If it's for a moral issue, what I can suggest is always washing your jhands in between touching eachother or keeping a wet soapy wash cloth by the bed and a plain wet one to rinse. I'll have to look up to be sure if hand sanitizer kills sperm, but that might not be such an erotic thing to put on sch sensitive parts!

Sorry this is a long message, but I wanted to address all points. What happened then, what you can do now, and what you can do in the future. I would give it 2 months since the incident and then take a pregnency test if you are still worried, simply to ease your mind if anything else. If you continue to get your periods ater that, I would not be worried and drop the issue.

Mind ou if you experience symptoms of pregnecy such as weight gain, enlarged abdomin, swollen breasts, etc., go seek a doctor. I hope you post if you have any other questions, and definitely work on prvention from this happening in the future to avoid stress as you probably have enough as it is! Take care and best wishes :)
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You wouldn't have felt anything that day. You wouldn't have had symptoms then either. If you were pregnant, you would only just now be getting them. You're not pregnant, though for future reference you should never use two condoms. They're more likely to bust and be non-effective.

If you have a 28 day cycle it's normal for it to not come on the same day every month. Only a 30-31 day cycle would start on the same day. Since you stated yours are irregular, it's impossible to say if it's late/early or anything. Mine were irregular and I never knew when mine would start. I might have it one week, and then two weeks later it would start again. I could go months without one and then bleed for a month straight.

I strongly suggest you getting on birth control and use condoms at the same time. It would also be good for you both to reconsider if you're actually ready for sex. Remember that sex IS for reproduction, and even using protection you can still become pregnant.
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Thank you I hope this helps me out, thank you so much
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Thank you again!! :) this really brightens my spirits! So your saying that the possibility is very low and I really dont have anything to worry about? and I'm just wondering why my period isn't here or if its juss waiting to surprise me cause its very irregular
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