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Pregnancy right away after giving birth?

I had my baby boy a little over a month ago. Me and my boyfriend hooked up about 6 weeks after my delivery, but he didn’t pull out. We ran to the store and got the emergency pill. But it wasn’t plan B, it was an off brand which worries me because I’ve never used it before.. I don’t know how accurate it is. But when me and him had sex, I was lightly spotting. After, I started bleeding a lot more for the next week. It’s finally lighting up again.
I’ve been waking up nauseous and stomach cramps. And the dizziness has gotten bad.
Should I be worrying? I don’t know if the symptoms are actually pregnancy symptoms or me just worrying, my anxiety. Or simply after birth feelings.
The incident only happened a little over a week ago.
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Yes, I agree.  Ever hear of Irish twins? Babies born back to back (have a pair myself, ha).  Some women, due to hormones are highly susceptible to pregnancy after giving birth.  Breast feeding can prevent your cycle from returning but as you never know when you will begin ovulating again, gotta use protection from the outset. I know, my doctor also did not want me to have sex for 6 weeks after birth due to allowing myself to heal as well.  Just FYI.

If you took an emergency contraceptive, it likely did work.  However, it is a big dose of hormones and those are now in your system.  They have to work their way back out.  And that means many women who take it are irregular for 2 to 3 months after.

Congrats on the baby.  How is it going?
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It’s possible to conceive at the first ovulation. Breast feeding offers some protection. Emergency contraception works pretty well. It also can give signs mimicking pregnancy. You are going to have to run a test or two starting a couple of weeks after the incident. Good luck!
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The morning-after pill is said to be effective 7 out of 8 times, and this statistic is not limited to only Plan B, it is apparently the number for any morning-after pill. That obviously means yours probably worked, but there is a slim chance it didn't, not because it is an off brand but just because. If you were lightly spotting when you had sex, though, that was probably your first period after having the baby (since it had been six weeks and you went ahead and bled after like a period). Meaning, you wouldn't have been ovulating, your body was giving you a period.

It would be smart, of course, to go in for a prescription for birth-control pills or another birth control method. You could get a pregnancy test then, if you wanted. Or, just take a pregnancy test two or three weeks after the most recent sex. But don't be casual about (or ignore the need for) protection any more, unless you want a second baby.
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