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Pregnancy risk

I and partner had protected sex on Sat, 20/03 and finished inside condom and her body.
The day was day 8 of her period this cycle and predicted ovulation date was last Friday, 26/03.

However, I am not sure whether there was a condom leak since I had not checked thoroughly but it was not broken for sure as I took it off myself and saw my sperm stayed at the tip of condom. So we eventually agreed to let her take 'Plan B' approximately 11 hours after last sex.

Yesterday, 28/03, the day 8 after sex and day 16 since first period this cycle, she tested NEGATIVE pregnancy even I learned that it might not be definite until 14 days after sex.

May you advise
1. Is there any risk of her pregnancy actually in this event?
2. Does 'Plan B' taken after 11 hours effective at 5-6 days early from predicted ovulation?
3. Does Negative test seem relief?

Thank you so much.
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So, apps are good BUT they don't really do anything but look at averages.  It's not exact as they don't measure hormones or what is really going on in a woman's body. Cycles work like this: day one of her period is cycle day one.  You count from there.  Most women ovulate midcycle so the average is day 14. As you can get pregnant a week before that, the fertility window for most women starts on day 9. With that said, any day during a woman's cycle can result in pregnancy if it's unprotected sex. However, you seem to be worrying for nothing.  Let me repeat that, you seem to be worrying for nothing. You had protected sex with an intact condom. Pregnancy that occurs with condom usage is because condoms occasionally break. Yours did not.  So, she was protected.  

Taking plan B would be unnecessary and a bad idea.  It's a big dose of hormones which alters your next few cycles.  For 2 to 3 months after taking plan b, ladies are often irregular.  And in your girlfriends case, this would be completely unnecessary as you didn't' risk pregnancy.  Looks like you over reacted and she took it any way.  bummer.  She now can expect to be late, have spotting, etc. for 2 to 3 months.  Expect that. It does NOT mean she is pregnant.

She does not need a pregnancy test. If anxiety such as this will result every time you two have protected sex, I'd say to either abstain OR one or both of you seek some help for undue anxiety. good luck
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