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Pregnancy symptoms or Hormonal Imbalance?

Guys please answer all the questions here, Is it possible to have the following symptoms (Late period, bright yellow urine, occasional nausea, bloated feeling and throbbing headaches on the left side of the head) and be pregnant? Here's a bit of background...

She's got a serious hormonal imbalance and the doctors gave her birth control (Yasmin) to get the imbalance under control.. (The imbalance caused fatigue, moodswings etc etc.. We then went to see a doctor to see why she was so ill, we saw 3 doctors since and all of them said that he hormones are very imbalanced and that the birth control will sort it out over time, this was about a year ago) She was on it for about a year, she then ran out of pills and forgot to get a new pack so she skipped a month. She then got back on Yasmin. I heard people tell her because of her imbalance of hormones and the fact that she used skipped and then used birth control again, it made her hormone levels go nuts and this may lead to a late period. Is this true?

At that stage we were a bit nervous, because we took it that the period will be skipped. So with the symptoms mentioned above and the "missed" period... we waited about 2 weeks after her period was supposed to happen and got a pregnancy test, it showed up negative. But I read about a lot of scenarios where the test showed up negative but it was false.. So it didn't really make me feel any better.

But she got intense bleeding about 3 weeks later (I assumed that this was her "late period"), it was REALLY heavy, she started to look really pale because of all the blood she's losing it lasted about 8/9 days. This could be because of the hormone levels jumping around? Also, if this happened the chances of being pregnant is reduced right?

I'm still wondering because I read about all these cases where women still bled a lot and stayed pregnant.

I should probably mention that we didn't have intercourse at all.. Only foreplay, and even with that we were very cautious with getting the wrong stuff at the wrong places. So pregnancy to me sounds very unlikely.. But I just want to make sure.. The stress is killing me haha!

The intense bleeding stopped about 4 days ago, since then she says that she's feeling 100%. And there's no weird symptoms anymore, the only weird thing that happened was 2 days ago she got a really bad headache on the left side of her head and it was so severe she had to stay in bed because of it. She started to get these headaches quite often just before she got her late period. (She almost never drinks any water, could it be that causing the headaches? Because she started exercising again after being in-active for quite a while)

I suspect that the bright yellow urine was because of energy drinks, because she had to stay up late to work on some stuff, so she drank quite a few energy drinks to stay awake. And that was like the first time ever she drank the stuff, so she was shocked to find that her urine is so neon yellow the following day.

Please tell me what's the chances of pregnancy is here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. Please answer in as much detail as possible. Thanks once again!
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Energy drink will give you yellow wee especially if she is not drinking to hydrate. Like water or orange squash!
Id say double check with a test and headache could be dehydration!
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If she didn't have sex then she's not pregnant.
Yellow urine could be the energy drunks and also lack of water. Dehydration is very possible if she's not drinking alot of fluids, dehydration symptoms can be headaches, vomiting, stomach aches, pale skin etc, dehydration can be very serious and dangerous.
Stopping and starting the pill can cause your period to be irregular and could also cause delayed period or irregular bleeding.
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