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Should I worry? Pregnancy?

I am 28 years old. My cyles are normal 31 days long. My period was not not usually late until now. I had sex on the 18.12.2022. , last day of my period and now my period is late for 8 days. We had unprotected sex but he didn't c*m inside of me. I made a test three days ago and it was negative. I have pain in breasts, pain in ovaries, more like cramps ..for days, also I am hungry all the time. Is it possible that pregnancy test is falsely negative (I used clearblue)? Also I took ashwagandha once this month and I was sick from that, I read that it make mess with thyroid functions and testosterone. I will make test again in the morning. What do you think? Am I pregnant? Thank you in advance
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The thing to remember is that although you are normally regular, you can have an off cycle. And it is completely normal. Holidays include changes in schedule and stress often. Both of these are known to mess up our cycle. Home pregnancy tests are very sensitive and usually produce a reliable result. Timing matters though. Do you get a false negative sometimes? Yes, it can happen. But usually timing of tests. Or you have not yet produced enough hormone to be picked up by them. But these tests do so pretty quickly usually. Normally, you can get an accurate yes or no when you test 2.5 weeks after the sexual encounter. Was your encounter unprotected sex, by the way? I would do this. I would wait a full week from when you last tested and then take another test if your period hasn't shown. To me, some of the things you mention sound like your period may be about to show up. Hope so. But if it doesn't, wait that full week and retest. Still negative, then don't worry. You aren't pregnant. Doctors want us to wait for at least 3 abnormal cycles before seeing them because most women have situations like this from time to time.

I DID develop a thyroid issue (working slowly) for  about a year in my 20's and had very long cycles (like a period every three months). I went to the doctor after a period of time and was investigating why, did the thyroid test and found about that. But while waiting for an endcronologist appointment, it normalized and was regular from then on.
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Thank you very, very much , I am little bit calmer now :). Btw we had unprotected sex as I mentioned and it was a month ago. Also I have hasimoto and hypothiroid diagnose
Ah, okay. Gosh. Being hyperthyroid and having been as regular as you were is a bit unusual. But glad that has been the case. Do you take medication for the thyroid issue? Anyway, I sincerely doubt with the addition info that you are pregnant. But try what I said just in case. If you get another negative at that time, I'd say that is adequately ruled out. If you go beyond 3 months with no period, call your doctor.
I am not on meds for thyroid because my endo said my hormones were ok at that time and hashimoto can't be cured so he took me off hormones. It was like 2 years ago, since then I haven't checked my hormones,  l know I should. Also my hair is falling out like crazy for past two weeks .
But never had problems with periods.
Thank you once again
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