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So I'm 14 and I think I may be pregenant but I'm not too sure? Help?

I'm 14 and around a month ago I lost my virginity. Since then we've been having regular sex and we used a condom usually. About just over a week ago we had unprotected sex 3 days in a row but he didn't ***? I had been having nausea, sickness, mood swings and stuff and I was due on my period a week or so after (a few days ago) so I decided to take a test if my period didn't come. My period came 3 days ago (Sunday) and now it's Tuesday and I've had seriously bad cramps but I've barely bled. They've been so bad I've been an-able to move and I haven't had school for now two days because of it. I usually get really heavy periods and barely any cramps but I've been crying loads and my and my boyfriend are worried about it. I think that if my cramps continue I will have to go to a doctor but my mum said that when she was my age she had really bad cramps too so I'm honestly clueless.
I'm just wondering if anyone could just try and help and give me advice or something? Thanks
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Hi there.  Well, unprotected sex, even if he did not ejaculate inside of you, is a risk for pregnancy. Men emit a small amount of sperm before the big ejaculation at the end and this is enough to impregnate someone.  Please NEVER have sex without a condom to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy.  And remember, respect your body.

Not sure what is going on. At 14, you are a very young teen.  Your body is just getting under way with hormones and being irregular is common at your age. But since you had the unprotected sex, you need to take a home pregnancy test.  You can do that before the doctor.  Sadly, you can't even drive yet but figure out a way to go get one at any drug store, grocery store, etc.  They aren't expensive.  Use first mornings urine and follow the instructions from the test exactly.  

Bad cramps can often be overcome with a dose of ibuprofen at the higher end.  So, try that once you rule out pregnancy.  good luck
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I agree with SpecialMom.  Get your boyfriend to go to a store and buy a cheap pregnancy test,  and as she said, use first morning urine.

Although it sounds unlikely you're pregnant this time,  please stop having unprotected sex.  Teenagers are extremely fertile and typically get pregnant very easily.  
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You need to run a pregnancy test in spite of the recent bleed and cramps. Your school nurse or guidance probably has pregnancy tests on hand. I hope she will also give you some instruction on how to avoid pregnancy.  Tell your boyfriend no condom = no sex and make sure they are new condoms, not old ones stolen from the  bathroom drawer. Research "fertile window", which tells you that risk for pregnancy starts increasing as soon as your period ends and peaks at cycle day 14 of 28. The week before your next period is low risk. You can download a period tracker app which will show you all this.
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