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Took emergency pill twice, missed period and brown discharge. Possible pregnancy?


I just really want others opinion on this since I've been stressing about this a lot. I had my last period Dec.23-26. I normally have a 31-32 day cycle.. So I was expecting it this Jan. 23.. But it didnt come.. Maybe due to stress at work..

Two days after my expected period, Jan. 25, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex but he never came in me. I was worried about the precum may contain sperm so I took the emergency pill 13 hours later which was Jan. 26.. The only side effect to that was mild cramps..

then came Feb 3, where we had again unprotected sex. (i know, we should've learned our lesson by then).. But again, no *** inside. Just worried about the precum and took emergency pill immediately after 2 hours.

I took a pregnancy test last Feb 4 to check on my Jan. 25 incident, came out negative. But that didn't stop the stress..

Now it's Feb 9, and I have brown discharge.. This is the first day of this discharge.

I missed ny January period.. And some people advised me that I wasn't fertile because I didn't have my period yet and my cycle was quite longer than normal.

So is it still possible to become pregnant after all this? And when can I take my next pregnancy test?

Please help!
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Any time you have unprotected sex there's always a chance of pregnancy. I would wait 2 weeks and test again. And maybe make a appointment with your obgyn
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I am kind of in the same boat as you, I just posted this question 'I got off my period Jan 20th until 25th, and I had unprotected sex the 26th, he did not ejaculate in me however I took plan b the next day just to be safe. After taking Plan B I got with drawal bleeding for 6 days which was pretty heavy. I had sex again on feb 6th, and he did not ejaculate in me, he perfected the pull out method. I was wondering if I'll still get my period on my expected date which is fen 17th. I do understand I need to go on the pill, but I am so anxious about this I haven't been sleeping, and I really can't be pregnant. Can someone please help me. Thank you so much'
When I took the pill at first, it gave me bleeding for a week.. i think your suppoe to bleed and its weird that you didn't. But i have been doing research and it says that plan b makes you have irregular periods, knowing that you took it twice, this probably really messed up your period cycles. I dont think you could be pregnant, its really unlikely to get pregnant from pre ***, me and my boyfriend use the withdrawal method and he perfects it. It only has a 4% failure rate, I wouldn't worry much about being pregnant, but the plan b most deff made you have irregular cycles.
If you can help me with mine too i would appreciate it, it ***** being anxious all the time
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