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Tubes tied but pregancy thoughts

Ok. To start. I have been having weird "stomach issues for awhile now.  What seems to be flutters, not just in one spot in my lower abdomen, around my ovaries, etc, never upper stomach. Ive had a few twinges small pains(nothing to warrent an ER trip) with recent months, more than a few. So starting Early december. I got boobs sore, first. 2nd started heartburn, hungry, fatigue,sick to my stomach, smells, etc. All the classic Prego symptoms. Just to note: I have had my tubes tied Since March 2008. The doctor told me, he "clamped them" like a small (very small zip tie).....thats all I know. I am now late for my period (which unless i was prego, never happened to me)..I did have some "spotting" 10 days before i was due for my period on 12/24, it last on off four days but it was nothing and i mean nothing like one of my period. In November, I have a very light period...which is ok, that would alarm me but two months of period before that i though my body was changing on me, b/c i had heavier period with cramping, clots, etc (not terrible but way heavy for what im used to) So i went from years of light periods to heaver couple months of period to a light couple day period to NO period at all now....I started again today 1/3 (period due 12/24) with sore boobs and heartburn. But im home prego tested out. I have tested the whole Month of december, up until 12-26 and gave up b/c they all were negative (well, all but one and i think it was an evap line) b/c i took one after and it was a negative. I would given anything in the world to have another baby, The doctor told me, when my tubes were tied. That it was medically nessecary b/c being pregnant again would kill me and the baby. So thats why my tubes were "tied". Now, Im scared. I dont think im pregnant due to numerous tests say im not. But then why am i Having all the classic prego symtoms, including now, a missed period. And im going through a 2nd bout of sore boobs, fatigue, heartburn for a 2nd time in a month. I dont have heartburn, ever.....I would be on my way to the doctor. But, you have to be able to afford it (even with healthcare that we pay for!).....But i have been reading these forums for awhile now and i just wanted to share my story. Theres allot of you all out there like me. I just dont see too many updates as to if you were acutally prego or not. Im scared, i think its something else....I just dont ever see me being so blessed with a miracle such as my body is mimicking......But, i do pray for the best with myself, trust me, i do.
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