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What are the chances of pregnancy in the 8th day

Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex,
Basically she is on her 8th day of her cycle she says , and we had sex , I didnt ejaculate inside her , but I dont know much about the menstrual cycle etc and I know about pre ejaculation but not much about it, I'm just scared of her getting pregnant if there is sperm inside as I heard it lasts up to 5 days , but i pulled out, i understand we could of used protection but we got kinda Carried away
We had sex once , never finished properly so I masturbated to finish off , we waited about 10 mins and tried again  then pulled out, I'm just wondering what's the risk of pregnancy on the 8th day at this.
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Did your girl end up getting her period? The 8th day starts to get into the danger zone if it is day 8 of her cycle.  Let us know what happened.  Good to always have condoms 'just in case'.  Let us know what happened.
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This was somewhat risky sex, let’s guess a 5% chance of pregnancy. She was just entering the fertile window and if any sperm did get loose they might survive until ovulation on cycle day 14. The morning after pill would minimize the chance.

The biggest risk would have been if there was semen left in your urethra after masturbation when you went for a second dip. I guess you know that it is time to start practicing good birth control. Buy some condoms, store and use them properly. She could use vaginal spermicide as a second level of protection, and you could also stay away from the “fertile window”.  She should download a period tracking app so you both understand her cycle better. Best of luck!
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