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Without a test, when will you know or feel for sure that you are pregnant?

If a girl doesn't suspect they are pregnant, they will never take notice of it, thus the only way they can take notice of it is good signs. The girl I was with has irregular periods so missing a period doesn't count.

I am just anxious about the existence of risk for pregnancy because of a unprotected sex encounter with a girl. I am pretty sure she will not take a pregnancy test and I do not have contact with her anymore because we ended in bad terms and she blocked me in places where we used to chat. When do you think will a person most likely realize that she might have a baby growing inside of them? Since pregnancies last for 9 months I really want to weigh the probabilities as time goes by this will lessen my anxiety. For instance after a certain time if she still does not contact me, I can feel safer because chances are she does not have a need to.

I had unprotected sex on December 18 with a girl and used the pull out method I know it is risky, but it was a one time thing and I don't plan on doing it again ever until I get married. I tested for STDs already and clean of HIV, Herpes, Chlam/Gonorr, Hep B, and Hep C. The girl I had sex with has an irregular period so i'm hoping that she has less than 12 cycles a year. She also had bacterial vaginosis during that day so I wonder if the unstable pH of her vagina during that time will restrict sperm (if any was present) from conceiving an egg (if any was present).

The thing that worries me is that I was close to the point of no return when I pulled out and let the sensation calm down. I also know that before climaxing, there is a chance a very small amount semen can leak out, and I continued on until the point of no return and pulled out completely before ejaculating. Given that any did leak out, I am hoping that she is not in her fertile window. Given she is fertile 6 days out of her 28 (to 40 day cycle?), she has a 15% (assuming a 40 day cycle) to 21.43% chance to have to be fertile during the time we had sex and even if she was ovulating, she only had a 33% chance (upper bound of the statistics) to get pregnant when having sex on the day (I believe the figures meant if you ejaculated on the girl during ovulation day or a day or two prior). Making my chances of getting her pregnant of 4.95% to 7.07% chance on a random 1 time occurrence. But I did not finish in her and my concern is the leak of semen (if any is present; which in my head is a near 50/50 chance of happening). With this, can I assume I have less chances of getting her pregnant? I know it is risky and people keep saying that there is a chance with this exposure, but I just really want to weigh my risk.

My parents had unprotected sex for more than 20 years after I was born and I know they just pull out (I also know they still do until now because I found some lube and my parent's door is always locked. Disturbing but unintentional). So given they did that over many years, I think it's not that easy to get pregnant when pulling out?
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Everyone's situation is different. There is a 1% chance that girls can get pregnant while on the pill! I think that the "pull out" method gives a higher chance at pregnancy, but it doesn't mean the girl you had sex with is pregnant. In order to get pregnant, a woman needs to be ovulating which happens around 14 days before her next period. And her high ovulation days are the couple days around that. I think you are over thinking this situation. If she was pregnant, she would probably know by now and she would have told you, or she would have taken care of the situation. I think if you are this worried, you should not be having sex or you need to make sure you are using protection each and every time you have sex.
Thank you i'll give it until the end of march to conclude if I don't hear anything by then. Also, 1% refers to the statistics over a year's time not every sexual encounntter. So 1 in 100 women will be pregnant by the end of the year. Withdrawal is said to be 27% in actual failure over a year.
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As to your question, a woman will only go for so long before they realize something is going on.  They may not have symptoms or realize initially but at a certain point after a couple of months, the belly pops and other things start happening.  So, I'd not get all wrapped up in statistics.  If she is, she'll let you know.  :>)  Use protection when pregnancy is not okay.  The pill IS very effective.  So are condoms.  Both together?  A great combination.  good luck
Thank you for that. Can I ask though when do bellies and the other things normally occur? I know it's different for different women, but hopefully when is the "normal" time to get a baby bump and have crazy pregnancy symptoms?
I'm going to get an anxiety disorder if I wait for 9 months long. I bet there should be a point in time where the existing "risk". Becomes less probable and that is when baby bumps appear, generally. There has to be some normal distribution curve with all the pregnant mothers out there
I have never failed to have protected sex with my girlfriend of 5 years, just this one time when this new girl insisted to not use one because it was "not in the moment". I was dumb to do so, but i'm sure it will never happen again.
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You are seriously overreacting.  Stay calm.  What benefit would there be in her not telling you if she were pregnant?  You are being a bit irrational.  Go on with your life.  I doubt you'll ever hear from her again.  All the analyzing and going over numbers and statistics is just driving yourself mad.  You made a mistake and had too casual of sex. Live and learn.  If she ends up being pregnant, she'll contact you.  She can get a positive test as soon as she is late for her next period.  And regardless if she is irregular or not, three weeks after the sex, she'd get a positive test if pregnancy resulted from it.  Anyway, I'm guessing you have great anxiety and it would be helpful to talk to your doctor about that.  
I guess you're right. No use worrying anymore about it. Only time will tell. Have a great day :)
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