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Yellow cm

Hello Ladies!  I have had yellow cm for about 4 days now and I am now 3 days late for AF.  I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and we have had 2 BFN's!!!!  Were trying for baby #2 and I do not know what to think.  Today is cycle day 27 and I have NEVER gone more than 24 cyce days.  What test should I be taking.......not stressing too much but  we have been trying TTC for a couple months.  Never had yellow cm and my breasts are so sore!!!   Any insight????
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Well you could be ovulating late or are premenstrual. Time will tell!

Also if your cycles are that short you may want to take supplements to lengthen your luteal phase (time between ovulation and your next period). If your luteal phase is less than 10 days your chances of conceiving are pretty much nil. There needs to be 10 or more days or otherwise your body will begin menstruating, even if you do conceive, because the embryo doesn't have sufficient time to signal to your body that you are pregnant to prevent menstruation.

I hope that makes sense! Most women ovulate about 2 weeks BEFORE their period, btw.
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I hate to say this, but this makes no sense.  I have NEVER had more than a 24 day cycle and I have a 3 1/2 year old so oviously I don't follow most women.  I have no idea how long my luteal phase need a test from dr office to ACCURATELY determine this.  I appreciate your input, but there are no supplements to lengthen your luteal phase.  I already take prenatal vitamins so I'm not sure what you mean in terms of "take supplements to lengthen your luteal phase".  I'm sorry but your post made no sense at all which is unfortunate because you are a moderator on this forum :-(
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i had a yellowish discharge  after i missed my period  for about 3 days with this pregnancy, i tested and it was positive, then  from yellow it got darker and turned into brown, so i guess it was spotting all along.

im currentley 22 weeks.
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Actually, no. You don't need tests from your doctor to accurately determine the length of your luteal phase. You can determine your luteal phase on your own by charting your bbt. When you ovulate, your temperature spikes by 1 degree and stays high until you start your period. The number of high days before the first day of flow is how long your luteal phase is. And yes, there are supplements to lengthen said luteal phase. Vitamin B6 which is also probably in your prenatals, works to help lengthen your LP, as does clomid which you can be prescribed by your doctor if you don't ovulate or have LPD.
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I think you made a lot of sense. Well-said. And very good information.
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Im 2 days late & today in the morning when I whent to the rest room I had a yellowish discharge I also did a hpt & it came out negetive

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I am 2 -4 days late on a 21 to 23 day cycle ( never longer than 23, in the past 3/4 months), meaning I'm on day 25. I was expecting my period yesterday after some horrible cramps, and instead, I only got yellowish discharge. I've had weird back pain since (probably not related). The ovulation predictor didn't detect anything when I took it this morning... And I know it can predict the same hormones that increase during pregnancy. Maybe ovulation test won't detect it until earlier. Maybe I don't have a lot of that hormone yet. Maybe my cycle is too small to conceive and now it is becoming longer (for a reason I can't understand). I'm 27 years old.
Any ideas ? Should I take a pregnancy test ?
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