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can I be pregnant and still have menstrual cycles?

I went to the doctor several months ago feeling pregnant only to find out that i have hypothyroid.  2 months later, i was feeling little flutters and movement so I went back and had an ultrasound to make sure i was not pregnant because i am having menstrual cycles every month.  the ultrasound tech spent maybe all of one minute on the ultrasound and said i was fine.  this was just an urgent medical place not an OBGyn.  the doctor told me it could just be muscle spasms and possibly gas and I am sure he thought i was psychosomatic or something but he claimed i should not worry as long as i am not in any pain.  It is  a month and a half later and those flutter movements are still occuring  along with those flips or rolls you would normally feel during mid to late pregnancy.  I am 30 years old with two of my own children I think I know the difference between gas and baby movement. I know this is not "in my head"  the only time i have ever felt anything like this has been when i am pregnant.
  I have tried to pretend its not happening but the movement is frequently through the day and very strong and extremely hard to ignore.  My question is could i really be pregnant and still be having a period every month Or could this be related to the thyroid medication?   this paticular doctor said it is not common to have a period when you are pregnant but i do not believe that is true.  am i right?  if this is not pregnancy then please tell me what could possibly be moving inside of me  to this magnitude.
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I cannot offer an answer on this, but I can suggest you get into a new doctor. Either find an OB or go into the ER, someone is bound to do a better u/s.

You cannot actually have a "period" when pregnant. Well all know the physiology behind this. Women can experience bleeding or spotting that in their mind is a cycle. But you are not actually having your period unless you have 2 uteri working independently of each other : )

That sai, I will stick with the advice to find new doctor or a good local ER.

I know this is 13 years late but I just wanted to share my story with the women who have felt they were pregnant and weren't. I had my tubes tied so I was in shock when one day my stomach was pulsing fast. It felt like a babies strong heart beat. My husband thought I was crazy until he put his head on my stomach and it was hitting him in the ear. That's how strong the pounding was. We went to the emergency dept and I immediately told them I WAS pregnant. Got checked over and everything was normal, no sign of a baby. They gave me a look like I was crazy. Trust me, if I were wrong about what was happening to my body, my husband would of told me. He loves to prove me wrong even when I am write lol. Anyway, I know what happened to my body. as women we do know but can sometimes be wrong. If the professionals have done all test necessary. I'm talking ultrasound, urine test, blood test and physical exam. It's time to admit it to ourselves. Sometimes a women want to be pregnant so bad that we start believing it no matter the results.  
Are you saying you are in the middle of this now and are still waiting for the results of ultrasound, urine and blood tests, or are you saying you found out that you weren't pregnant despite the pulsing and the pounding that seemed like a baby's heart beating?
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Hi..I had a baby 10 months ago, and for the first 6 months I had my period. It is possible, I lived with it.
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This is more of a question than a comment.... me and my boyfriend have been tryin to have a baby for 6 months and nothings happening...recently(last 2 months) my period (which has always been a full week) has only been 4-5 days... is it possible that i am pregant? im 19 and hes 26 so we are both still young but this baby thing isnt happening for us and its getting really frustarting for the both of us does anyone have any suggestions?
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Kitty what it could be is stress, you and your boyfriend need to relax and be calm and take it easy, do a candle light dinner and maybe even a nice dessert, if you know the thing I am getting at than us that.  OR just see a doctorthey could give you more information.
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i think i might be pregnant but i have my period. the only thing is it has been real heavy for the last three days when it is only usually heavy the first day and really bright red. it was 10 days late and my cramps weren't nearly as strong as usual. i have been told that some people can still get their period while pregnant but im not too sure. i already have a son but im thinking this pregnancy may be different because i had a c-section with him a little over 3 years ago. what should i do - i want to go to the ER today after work but i don't want to look stupid claiming to be pregnant with a period
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OBGYN's can tell you if you are pregnant or not even if you have bleeding.  Get second opinion if you feel that strong.  You probably aren't getting a period cycle while pregnant like Still-andi said, but many women have bleeding during pregnancy.  And even more rare a double uterus.
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