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can a urine test pick up an ectopic pregnancy?

hello board.

now i know a urine test ISN'T going to tell you that you are ectopic, it's only there to determine if you are pregnant. however I was wondering if a urine test would pick up the hormones produced by an ectopic pregnancy ultimately letting you know you are in fact pregnant.

I had conflicting info given to me by a clinician at a local pregnancy resource center.  

I have missed by period by two weeks, the last sex i had was with a condom that slipped.  the sex happened on nov. 9, which at this point is 8 1/2 weeks.  i have had no additional sex since.

so being concerned i went to a local clinic and they performed a urine test.  came up negative, however the girl told me well you could still be ectopic and that wouldn't show up on a urine test. i said but it's a pregnancy nonetheless, but she was hell bent on telling me there is no way a urine test could pick up the hcg produced by an ectopic.

so, now i'm not sure whether to get a blood test done or not.  can any ladies please shed some light? thanks.
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