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chances of getting pregnant with left over semen?

me and my girlfriend were dry humping with our clothes on, i ejaculated on my briefs, after a few minutes went to the bath room washed the top part of my penis, changed briefs and laid down with her after like 10 mins we humped for a bit and out if curiosity of how it feels like, she agreed, inserted my penis for a bit pulled back, put my pants back on and ejaculated. what are the chances of her getting pregnant? i wasnt aware of leftover semen + precum. im getting really nervous. it happened on oct 23, and her last period  was on oct 16
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No, this in no way would lead to pregnancy.  Your penis needs to enter her vagina for pregnancy so no worries.
i may have put in a wrong way, *inserted my penis at her vagina and after some 10 sec pulled out*
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Sex on cycle day 7 is unlikely to result in pregnancy. Ovulation is about cycle day 14 of 28, and sperm survive inside for only 5 days. These experiments go a little further each time. Have her download a period tracking app so she can get a better idea of her fertile window and correlate that with physical signs of ovulation ( fertile mucus etc.).  It's time for you to have some new condoms on hand so that you are properly equipped when you decide to go all the way. Even better, she should tell her mom she is close to becoming sexually active and needs to get on hormone birth control.
thanks for answering, i will sure get condoms in hand just in case,
but i do know her last last period, counting it makes it a 25 day cycle, so its on days 11? her ovulation?
Yes, for a 25 day cycle ovulation is quite possibly on CD11, in which case sex on CD7 would be in the fertile window. In the incident you describe it does not seem any semen was release inside, so you should be safe.

Signs of ovulation include fertile raw egg white stretchy mucus, high libido, with cervix soft, high, open and wet if you are into checking such things.
i know, but im a bit worried about the left over semen,  there maybe some left after i just washed mine with water
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While it is unlikely, if you put your penis in her vagina, then that is a risk.  But again, very unlikely.  She could take a pregnancy test if she misses her period or when it is 2.5 weeks past the date this happened.  Expect it to be negative and yes, she needs to either be on birth control or you need to invest in some condoms. ppowb has given you excellent advice and guidance!!  
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If your girlfriend has super regular cycles, such that her period always comes on day 25 without fail month after month, you and she could assume she ovulates around day 10 or 11 of her cycle. But if her cycles vary, and sometimes her menstrual months are 25 days and sometimes 28 days and sometimes 32 days, it is not a good idea to assume that she ovulates on a given day of the menstrual month, because she might not. It is smart of you to be concerned about the sexual activity you had, since you would have had sperm in your urethra no matter whether you washed off the outside of your penis or not, and when you got another erection and inserted the penis, pre-ejaculatory fluid could bring that sperm out into her body. Sperm flowing into her reproductive tract (whether it is on pre-ejaculatory fluid or not) is about all it takes to expose her to the risk of pregnancy. If this all happened around the time she was ovulating (which again, you can't be sure unless you know her cycles are like clockwork) then there is about a 15-20% chance of pregnancy. All she can do, as has been mentioned, is take a home pregnancy test in about two weeks.
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