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light brown discharge

Hello. Okay, well I have been trying to conceive and today I woke up with what I thought would be my period. As i wiped, I believe I saw very little kinda dark brown with light (my period is due by the 20s) so I put a pad on to later find,out that I only had light brown discharge. Im hoping,it can,signify the possibility of being pregnant. Usually when i spot , its dark brown and I get my period that same day in an hour or less . And no its not an infection. Im,not itchy and it does not contain an odor. And it can not possibly be an,std for the fact that Im married and only have sexual conact with him. Also. I already had a baby last year. Shes about to be one. And,this never happened. I missed my whole period with her. I hope someone can help please. I would appreciate it.thanks :)))
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Hi! I just found out I am pregnant. 3 days before my period was supposed to start I had the slightest pink discharge. I also assumed I would start my period but once I was a day late I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. I researched and spotting can often times be implantation bleeding (when the fertilized egg burrows into your uterine wall). This can be a one time thing or last a few days. I took three test just to make sure cause I'm still getting cramps and breast soreness that would usually indicate I am about to start my period. I would wait until a day or two past your expected period and take a test. Hope this helps! Best of luck to you!!
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Yes i am going,to wait till my period date !! Thank you I am hoping I am ;( its actually three days before my period too, I have my fingers crossed <3
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Im kind of same boat 9dpo pink cm yesterday im due start tuesday wondering if its my monthly friend or pregnant I never get cramps or dark or light pink cm before my period n I read it could have been the egg implanting
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Yes thats what I have been reading online,that it could be implantation , especially cause its days before my period. I hope I am :)
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Good luck sounds like implantation blood
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Ladies I am,pregnant :')
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What do you mean by you missed a whole period with your baby girl?

I had a miscarriage on Feb 22 and i haven't had my period yet but this week i keep getting dark blood and also thought it would be my period.  I did hpt but is negative.

Don't know how long i have to wait to get my period or to get pregnant again.
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Yes like when my period was due it never came so thats when I took a pregnancy test (:
Maybe you should take a blood test ??:o sometimes hcg levels are low.. :o All i know,is that when you get dark blood, its old blood, which could also mean pregnancy.
Hopefully youll get the answer you want soon. God bless :)
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my hcg is at 7 as of April 14.

i did a hpt on april 13 and i got positive but got negative at the lab.  

I don't know what i'm having because i get dark blood since April 13.  of course i asked three drs and they just gave me a i don't know answer.  

I'm so happy for you.  It must feel good to get an answer finally right?
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It does sound like youre pregnant I am,hoping,you are :) and yes finally the answer i have been waiting for. I took tests before and no success until closer to my period
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Hey ! Congrats to you dear ;)
May you enjoy your 2nd pregnancy.
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Thank you I will <333
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I don't think I'm pregnant.  I haven't had my period yet since my miscarriage on Feb 22.  I hope this is my period.  
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