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period pains no period mid cycle

Im on the pill, have been for four years, pill day 12 of new pack today (friday) havent missed any this month.
Monday - really nauseus/dizzy (came on when driving)
Tuesday - Really bad period pains, still feeling sick, headaches - emotional out of no where!
Wednesday - Period pains, occasionally feeling sick, headaches. Neg pg test- Extreme Moodiness
Thurs - Period pain, back ache, feeling sick, headache, really moody. Brown spotting in pants, wiped then gone.
Friday (today) - Nipples a little sensitive may be in head. But not feeling as bad as last few days so far.

Was going to go dr. today but dont feel as bad as before. I took pills continously so didnt have chance to take the break. Could the above be because of stress? Could i be pregnant? Im assuming not because of the Negative test but looking up symptoms i imagine it to be like this. And the cramps are so unusual out of no where. I rarely get them for a few hours during my actual period. Looked over so many boards and not found an answer! Defo dont think its ovulation pain as it lasted so long and the last thing i felt like doing was attempting to get fertilised!!

Please help with any advise or comments! Much appreciated!
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