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pregnancy after tubal ligation

I had my tubes tied 11 years ago.  I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half.  Bloating, constipation, throwing up, tender breasts, etc.  I had a blood test done two days ago that came back negative, but my period isn't due for another 5 days.  My last period came two weeks early and wasn't very heavy.  How often do tubes come untied?  And could I be pregnant even though the blood test came back negative?  Could have been to early for it to show even with a blood test, because I sure feel pregnant.
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a blood test can detect a pregnancy as early as 5 days after ovulation. basically because it once you ovulate and the sperm and egg meet it takes about 5 days for the egg to implant itself and that is when the hcg hormone starts being produced.

that being said....if you ovulated late it is possible that the blood test could have been wrong it just depends on when you ovulated.  however after 11 years (i'm betting) it is unlikely that your tubes came untied.

good luck to you, let us know what you find out.
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thanks I will let you know what i find out.  But I did find an article on the net that said after 10 years your chances of tubes coming untied more than triples the chances of them coming untied within the first 5 years.  
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Subject: Pregnacy after tubal ligation
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Question Posted By: Tamm on Sunday, April 25, 1999

Posted by Tamm on April 25, 1999 at 14:03:41
I had a tubal ligation about 13 months ago..I recently went into see my dr with abnormal symtoms in my cycle ( server cramps, heavy bleeding large clots) He informed me that I was miscarring. I had blood work done that showed a high level of pregestrone, which confirmed his diagnosis. Could you please explain how this happened and if it could happen again?
Thank you

I found the article that I was looking at earlier on the net.  I copied it and pasted it here. Let me know what you think and I will let u know what I find out. Thank you for your help I realy appriciated it.

Posted by hfhs.md.rcs on April 26, 1999 at 23:51:24
Dear Tamm:
Tubal ligation has a known failure rate that is 1-3/1000 women in the first 5 years and 10/1000 women by 10 years.

If the portion of the tube attached to the uterus unseals or the ends of the tube grow together, there is a pathway for sperm and egg to meet.

Keywords: tubal ligation failure

This information is provided for education purpose and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questons please speak with your physician.

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Hey It is possible!! I know a lady who had her tubes tied her dd was 19 and she was pregnant with another I think she had her tubes tied for 15 years!!
My husband had a vasectomy  and I have a 3 month old so nothing is impossible!
This time i got my tubes tied and between that and dh vasectomy it better work!!
But blood tests are accurate for pregnancy but just keep a check on things
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umm I have 4 kids had my tubes tied 2 years ago and have had no period in almost 2 months is it possibe i could be pregnant?? anyone HELP
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Yes it is possible I have 4 kids and am now 16wks.3dys pregnant,I had my tubes tied when I had my son 11yrs ago and even took 6 pregnancy test and all said neg and the 7th at the doctors office was also neg and that was at 7wks and now here I am pregnant and I also have bled every month as is on a perod and that has happened to me with my 3rd pregnancy I bled 5 mnths and never knew I was pregnant until going to the doc and having a lood test done b/c I felt lousy and did'nt know what was wrong with me...and my sil was on the shot and had her blood testedand urine test done at the doc and the test came back neg also and she was 4months pregnant.

                                       So trust your body and don't take no for an answer.
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hi everyone,

I had my tubes clamped 5 years ago after my son, it has been 7 weeks since lmp, all tests are negative including blood tests, and all my hormone levels are normal, have another appointment in 3 weeks to see obgyn, i'm going mad has this happened to anyone?
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Does anyone know how effective a tubal ligation is after 7 years, or what my chances of concieving may be?
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I had my tubes tied 5 years ago, I had made a harsh decision to do so after I lost my daughter 31 days after birth. All I know is I never wanted to go threw that again. Almost 5 years to the day I was feeling really crummy, cramp,bleeding after my normal period. I went to the hospital and told them I had my tubes tied, routine was still to do a pregnacy test and low and behold I was pregnant. I had an ultra sound and it was NOT a tubal pregnancy but I did miscarry. No one can explain this either. It is very frustrating because I do want another baby, but everyone keeps telling me different things. The doctors can't even give me straight answers. Anyone else???????
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I made a post on this topic about a week ago I got my tubes tied in 2005. I havent had a period since August. I took a EPT test and it came back poitive and then I went to the hospital a few days later due to cramping and they told me that I wasnt pregnant. Here it is Oct. I still havent had a period I have all the signs of being pregnant. I can even feel my uterus now its gotten hard like a brick and further up in my abdomen. But I still can not show a positive urine test. I did do some research on it and I learned when you have a tubal its best to do blood than urine becasue of some reason its harder to get a positive urine test. The problem im running into being that I dont have insurace that its hard for me to find anyone to do a blood test on me they tell that they cant to a blood pregnancy test because I have had a tubal. I have come to the point as to say I know my body well enough I have had 3 kids and I know in my own little way im pregnant so im just going ot wait until the baby comes. I am so frustrated with this situation. Its going to cost me well over 200 dollars just to get a blood test done if I can find someone to do it. I have been on the phone with several nurses around here in my area and they all tell me the same thing "you have had a tubal you need blood done not urine."Im compleatly at a loss.
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It has been 5 years this past July that i had my one tubed left and it was tied. at least thats what i am sure was done since dr saidhe can reverse it! I lost one tube with a etopic in 2000. Well i had my daughter in 99 the 2000 i had the etopic and in 2001 i had a miscarriage, then in 2002 i had my son. I just found out about a year ago that i have endometriosis i had a LAP done and drtook some out! I am now 4 days late on my period and havent been late for ever in a day! I was wondering after 5 years could my tube grow bac together really. I am more nervous about this than anything. Hubby and i have wanted another baby but dr said my best bet was to have the invitro done. because having the endometriosis i could have another etopic and i do not want or wish that on anyone! I felt like i was dieing!! Well if u have anything for me about this please let me know!  Thanks!!!
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I had my tubal done 2 years ago after I had my 2nd child. I had it done because everyone told me that I didn't need anymore kids because my husband and I dicvorced while I was pregant with our 2nd child after 10 years together. Well I had it done at the age of 27 and I have always hated that I did it, but now I am with a great guy who loves me and my kids and he knows of the tubal and he understands that I may not be able to have anymore. I guess what I am looking for is someone that has had a tubal ligation with the clips and still got pregant.
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i hade a tubal ligation on 10-29-04 i am 24 i really regret it. i am divorced from my first husband who talked me into the ligation and i am re married to a wonderful guy who has no kids so we both want a child together . we can not afford a reversal so i am asking for help from god . i am almost 2 months late on period. have all prego symptoms . took 3 different kinds of hpt and all neg. i dont have insurance so i cant go to doctor. i just found out from the doctor what he did to my tubes he said oh they were just cut like it was no big deal . so my questions are could i still be prego. since my tubes were just cut could they grow back . with my fisrt child i was 20 weeks before i found out and i even took hpt went to doctor and a christian clinic and all test were neg finally at 20 weeks i took another hpt and positive with my second i was16 weeks before i found out and both times i had no symptoms just missed periods. im like the post a few up i guess ill just wait and see if i have a baby lol good luck 2 every1 post if you get new results it will give some of us hope.
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repost please
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I would like to know if women ovualte after TL it has been 9 years since my TL and I have always felt myself ovulate, I can see when I ovulate. I am a mother of 5 kids...aging from 15-9 I want verymuch to actually have another baby. My now fiance` and I would like to. This last cycle I cramped extremely hard during about the time of my ovulation, and about a week ago  cramped again, same as I have done in the past I think mostly with my first child (the extreme cramping, I didnt know I was pregnat for some time because I actually spotted with her on the day I was suppose to start.... anyway I have also read somewhere that women lose there sexual desire when pregnant...I never had that, with my ex husband but for the last week I have been extremely uninterested..... which I cannot understand.... so not like me....If anyone has any similar feelings emotions experiences that would be great... thanks
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I had a TL on 2-1-98 my last period was on 9-20-2007.
My breast are VERY sensitive and some swollen, i feel like i need to throw up some mornings but i never do. i have like a irritating headache everyday, i have the heartburn every night, i am having to urinate alot more than normally and i have a discharge. Has anyone had these symptoms after TL and been pregnant?
I really appreciate the info.....Thanks
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I had the exact same story---27 tubal with clips...divorced after 10 years with the daddy.  nowi'm with a wonderful guy whom i've just married and i want a baby so bad.  Any chance of sucess.  Somebody give me some hope.
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It can happen  I had my tubes cut and burned alomost 8 years ago last month I was pregnant.  I had a miscarriage but i got pregnant which I thought never possible.  My doctor offered to redo my tubes I chose not to.  Like you I also remarried and my husband has no children so if I were to get pregnant again it would be a blessing.  Also when I found out I was pregnant I searched on the net and found out that more people than you can imagine actually have regular uterine pregnancies after they had a tubal.  Don't get me wrong anytime you get pregnant after a tubal you risk a chance of ectopic.  But do some research on the net and you will find what I did. Hope I helped
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I'm having the exact same symptoms you are, except my period is only a couple days late.  I had my tubal in march of 99.  Let me know what you find out.
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HELP! I'm 31 y/o and i had my tubes tied jul. 15th 1997. My period is now 4 days late. I have'nt been late since 1996. I took a first response home pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came out negative. I went to see my gyn doc this evening and the urine test came out negative. Now i have to schedule an appt. for an ultrasound. Doc said if i feel faint or dizzy to go directly to the ER and they'll give me the ultrasound on the spot. Meanwhile my breasts are sore, my left side is very painful, my lower abdomen hurts, my lower back hurts, i'm constipated and i have gas, and my bladder is constantly full. Can anyone please give me some advice.
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hi i need help im 41 years old had my tubes tied 20 years ago with clamps now i hav a missed perid and a urinary tract im scared not ready to go to the doctors yet im wondering could i be pregnant and would it be a etopic one is this possible and if i am is there any chance of survival
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I am 27, have 3 sons, my husband had a vasectomy and I had a tubal.  I know the chance is extremely slim, but I am 1 month late which never happens, am cramping though it is stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen (my appendix are already out).  Any ideas???  When should I see a dr. or worry???
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i had a tubal in 1999  when my last son was born  well the other day i went to the emergency room because i wasnt feeling to good the nurse had asked me if i was pregnant , i said no my tubes are tied she told me that dont mean nothing i could still get pregnant  HELLO someone talk to me@ ***@****
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