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suboxone and home pregnancy test

does suboxone affect pregnancy test at home, i've missed 4periods and urine home test says negative but i think i have pregnancy symptoms.
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I'm not sure but you should see a doctor for a blood test because suboxone isn't safe in pregnancy its unsure what effects it has on an unborn child
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i have an ultrasound tommorrow too see what is going on in there.
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The only things that affect pregnancy tests are medications that contain the pregnancy hormone in which case you would be getting potentially false positives
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Did u end up being pregnant? I am experiencing the same thing!! Please let me know, I am going nuts!!
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I have been taking suboxones for 2 1/2 years i got my period on sept. 26th 2012 it was a regular period. my husband and i had sex on oct 6th and i got my period again on oct. 16th for 3 days maybe 4. it was the worst period ever. my husband and i had sex on oct 24th maybe 25th and im wondering if im pregnant. i took a pregnancy test on oct 23-25th and they all turned out negative. im waiting to see if ill get my period on nov 16-18th because i didnt get my period at my usual time which would be oct 26-28th would be the start of my period. now im gonna wait until nov 16-18th to see if i get my period. i have been feeling like im pregnant. or it could be a sign that ill be getting my period soon i keep feeling weird mild pain on my left side of my pelvic area or whatever, some people say it could be implantation blood that i got when i got my period for 3-4 days and some say it could be from stress. as for the weird feeling in my left pelvic area either the implantation has happen on that side or an egg is travelling through waiting for sperm, but i calculated and i wouldnt be ovulating at this time so im a little confused PLEASE HELP. im on suboxone and klonopins. could that cause a pregnancy test to come out false. Im always tired but it could be from my meds. my breasts were sore for maybe 3 days after the 25th of oct. and i have been gaining weight like crazy but ive always had cravings, but ive never gained this much weight that fast. from the 23rd of oct til now which is nov. 6th i have probably gained 5-8 pounds. i havent had any weird vivid dreams sometimes i can pass out and sometimes ill stay up. my dog ive had for 7 years who is a female is also acting weird around me as well now. I am also going through alot of stressful stuff but literally this morning my stress level went down, but im constantly thinking that im pregnant. i want to be but at the same time i dont think i can because my husband and i tried for 2 1/2 years to get pregnant and i never did, and then we decided to have random sex and wasnt thinking about getting pregnant and decided we should wait and now i think i might. when i have gotten pregnant previously when i was 18 and my body was still maturing the only thing i noticed was my boobs growing about after 5 weeks and started feeling sore but i thought my period was coming, and i had an abortion, and the second time was when i was 23 maybe 24 and i got pregnant literally the next day i was finished with my period and the guy didnt finish so i got pregnant from his pre ejac and the sex was literally for a few seconds because we were in an awkward pl. and i got an abortion because i was not at a stable place at that time. and now i just turned 28 so im so confused. PLEASE HELP!!
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I also need some answers I've been on suboxone for 4 months now 3 weeks ago I was a week late with my period took a preggo test (at home test) faintly positive next day negative a few more negs after that too after 2 weeks late took 3 more those were positive so had a blood test done negative spotted for 3 days then quit few days later had a hcg count said normal I have all the signs of being preggo even leaking boobs does anybody out there know if subs can mess with hormones?? I go to ob on Monday but going crazy waiting to find out what's going on :(
Did you ever find out. I am doing the same thing
Hey @Messy_marvin4, what is going on exactly? Have you had any positive or negative prego tests, etc?
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