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what is the difference between period , spotting, implantation bleeding

hey what i am wanting to know is ok i got a really lite period on the 14th of may and it went away after 3 days. where as i am normally very heavy and lasts about 6 to 7 days.  then about 12 days later after that i had dark read discharge that only lasted about 2 hours but was very lite. then today i got a lite pink discharge. what is the difference between the three and what am i having. Please help.
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Spotting is sometimes just spots in the underwear, but also doctors will use the term if you had a bleed that only lasted a really short time.  Bleeding is a flow like a period, though it doesn't have to last that long.  Implantation bleeding is some light spotting that happens around the time you would expect a fertilized egg to implant (about 5-7 days after ovulation), it's apparently not that common but everyone ttc gets really excited with any spotting at that time, hoping that is what it was.  

If AF was actually due May 14 (you said you had a 3-day light AF but didn't say if this was the day you expected it), then you could presume you ovulated on around May 1.  I assume also you are not using birth control (i.e., that you are ttc)?  If so, then the period on May 14 could have been light because it was affected by a pregnancy that was too new and unestablished to block it completely but was enough to make it more light.  You might even have ovulated a little late in the cycle.  The 2-hour bleed 12 days later and the light pink discharge directly after it could also be related to a possible pregnancy; they would be too late to be implantation bleeding, but it isn't uncommon to have bleeding early in pregnancy.

You can probably take an HPT (if all the dates I'm guessing at from your info are right) now, but if it turns out to be negative I wouldn't take that as a final answer because it might still be too early.  A blood test from your ob-gyn would give you a definitive answer.  Good luck!  I hope you get what you want!
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i am normally 34 days and it came 7 days late on the 14th.
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Well, then, I'd take an HPT.  Again, good luck!
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I would take a HOT if I were you. Back in August I have a lighter short AF and I thought it was just due to stress being that we had been tring for quite awhile with no luck then a week later I took a HPT and got a BFP. Hope this is you month BABY DUST********
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Thanks so much you guys. How long does the implantation bleeding suppose to lasts. and how long after that does it take to get an accurate result.
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Your timing on the bleeds (not to mention the kind of bleeding) is not suggestive of implantation bleeding.  If you had ovulated around the first, you would have seen implantation bleeding (if you saw it at all; many women don't get it even if they are pregnant) by about a week later, well before your light period.  A home pregnancy test can give you a reliable result after a missed period, or on Day 1 of the missed period.  I would take Angiconda's suggestion that your light period indicates pregnancy, so you could count it as your missed period; if so, you can go ahead and test right now.  So the point is, take a home pregnancy test for real information.
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