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2nd trimester spotting

Hi, i've had a bit of a scare this morning, when i had some bright red blood on my tissue.

I thought i was past having to worry about that being 'safely' in the second trimester. I know some bleeding is normal in the first trimester with implantation, but not seen anything about 2nd trimester. I'm 14 weeks 5 days. I'm so glad i have a doppler, as i have managed to find a heartbeat, still a good rate at 154 but  a lot quieter than recently - i'm hoping baby's just moved so the hearts further away or something.

Anyone had any second trimester bleeding or know anything about it?


p.s. i have already contacted my midwife and have a dr appointment later this afternoon,  (after half an hour waiting on the phone to be connected!) the doc was unhappy i hadnt had my scan yet.
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i had bleeding in my second trimester and it was because i was going into preterm labor. i ended up having my son at 25wks.
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bit of an update. The doctor examined me then said the only way to know if everythings ok is on the scan on thursday, but to get back in touch if the bleeding got heavier.

momof2with1onway, how was/is your son? I'm hoping that's not the reason as there's no chance of a 15 week fetus surviving outside the womb

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So I figure the doctor told you that because your still under 15 weeks it's nothing too concerning for a little blood.  I hope that was it, and it stays that way!!

I believe you will be good.  

Let us know how the scan goes!!
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Thanks ashiepooh. Nope, he said any bleeding was cause for concern, but couldn't give me any likliehood of everything being ok or not, and couldn't tell me anything else until the scans been done.

I now also have terrible diarrhea that started last night, i dont know if it's in any way connected, but it is worrying going from one extreme to the other and also the effect on the fetus as water and nutrients aren't being absorbed properly. Maybe i'm just oversensitive and looking for things to worry about after the bleeding?
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You are in my prayers amg.  I really hope that your little bean is ok. Have you had any more bleeding since? I am so appalled that your GP or maternity unit didn't get you an emergency scan.  To think you have to worry for 4 days until you get the scan is terrible.  All that you have been through thus far is an awful but true representation of our so called NHS! Well, I pray that it goes well and it's just a little vaginal tear or something harmless. I am here if you want to message me any time... x
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I am 15 weeks pregnant, have had 3 ultrasounds throughout this time which have all shown a healthy growing baby with heart rates averaging around 180bpm. However; last Sunday,1 week ago today, I began "leaking" a brownish dischage with tiny brown clots. I called the on-call doctor who told me to rest and call my doctor in the morning. I laid on the couch with my feet up for a couple of hours but when I stood up to go to bed there was a gush of bright red blood. I told my husband we needed to go to the ER right away regardless of what the on-call doc said. On the way there I was having contractions, I felt weak and shaky and I could still feel some "leakiness". The ER nurse could not find our baby's heartbeat with the doppler and we were just sure our baby had died. A second nurse came in and after several minutes of trying she finally detected the baby's heartbeat. The doctor checked my cervix which was closed and an ultrasound was done with all positive outcomes...great heartbeat and growth, baby was kicking and playing...found out he is a boy!!  The ER doc sent me home with a diagnosis of threatened M/C and said to call my doc in the morning. The next morning my OB had me come in to do another ultrasound and right away he found what is called a Subchorionic Hemorrhage which is basically a blood clot between the placenta and the uterine wall and can range in size. I have been on bedrest now for 1 week with only one more big episode of bright red bleeding and continued light brown spotting. Most of the outcomes that I have read about with these hemorrhages are positive ones. They usually absorb or pass (bleed out) and the baby never even knows anything was wrong. Many posts I read had bleeding that started as early as 5-6 weeks with this problem and went on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. So bleeding doesn't always end in a M/C which we were very thankful to find out!
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