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Round Ligament Pain or Something else????

Hi. I have a question...........I am 24 weeks pregnant and for the past week I have been having a on-again/off-again pain right below my belly.  It runs left to right. I thought it was just the round ligament but now that it has gone on for a week I am starting to get concerned. I feel better and the pain seems to go away when I lay or sit down,but doesn't go away 100%. I have also seemed to have "popped" so I think that that might have to do with it as well.  Any ideas???  
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I'm 23w5d and my round ligament pains are usually one-sided, but sometimes when I get out of bed or something, I get some discomfort just above my pubic bone.  Usually lying on the opposite side of the pain helps it to diminish, but it can remain sore for a while.  It is possible to have a hernia or something, so you should mention it to your dr.  Of course, this is my 4th baby (6th pg--2 m/c's) and I'm 40 going on 41, so my body doesn't tolerate or "bounce back" as easily as it used to....
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I've been having a pain on my right side, I think it's round ligament pain, but it is pretty uncomfortably it hurts when I walk sometimes...  But for me it's the side I had my ectopic pregnancy in march, so for me it might just be a little worse having the scar tissue stretch.  I have a u/s tomorrow so I'm going to ask about it and I'll let you know.  If you are concered you should really check with your Dr.  You could be haveing bh contractions also...is this your first?  Good Luck!
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i got pain pretty much exactly where one of my scars was from my ectopic in april at about 21 weeks which was put down to scar tissue, it resolved in a couple of weeks but i now have spd (symphasis pelvic dysfunction) instead.

It doesn't sound like you have spd asdt, could be round ligament pain,especially if your bellys having a growth spurt, but worth asking your midwife/gp
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