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Scared :/

I am very worried because i used the restroom this morning and passed this big glob of stringy but thick clear/brown tinged mucus. I am 9 weeks pregnant and i didnt have anything like this with my first pregnancy. I called the doctors office and they said not to worry unless im severely bleeeding and cramping. This still doesnt seem normal to me. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this in the first trimester? Thanks
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I've heard that brown spotting is not a problem, but bright red is bad.  If you've had sex recently, it could just be from that too.  Have you been to the dr yet?  When is your next appt?  If you are afraid that something is wrong, your insurance should cover another u/s under the "threatened miscarriage" heading (don't mean that to scare you--just as an option for peace of mind).  Best wishes.
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when you say big glob, is that like quarter sized?  or bigger?  I would demand the doctor to see you and do have a u/s for a "threatened misscariiage"  better safe then sorry!!
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Well everything has been fine since. I just heard the babys heartbeat last friday and the doctor says everything sounds great. Im 12 1/2 weeks and counting! :)
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Congrats!  I'm so glad everything is going well.
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