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She's Here!

Lyla Katarine was born on March 7th @ 6:50 am.  She weighted 5lbs 2oz and was 18 1/2in.  My water broke for no reason at 35 weeks exactly!  I went into labor and delivery and there wasn't anything they could do except give me pitocin to help labor progress because I wasn't having any contractions.  They checked me and I was 3cm 60% effaced and she was at +3 station @ 5 in the afternoon.  They gave me lots of pitocin and got my contractions going about every min apart.  Things went slowly, I crawled they checked me every hour.  I would either have changed by 10% or one cm every hour, not both.  Well about 6 am I was 7cm 90% and about 10 min after that I couldn't take it anymore and told them to give me something for the pain that it was getting way to bad.  They checked me and I was complete, the baby was at 0 station and I wanted to push.  About 3 pushes and my beautiful baby was born.  It was a very nice birth, just my husband, one nurse and a midwife and I was in any positon I wanted.  

Lyla was born 35 weeks 1 day and had to spend a week in the NICU because she had fluid in her lungs and couldn't breath comforatbly on her own.  Besides her being early they think she had the fluid on her lungs because I pushed her out so fast. She's home and doing very well, I'll post pictures later.
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Many congratulations... hope you and baby doing well. x
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