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cystic fibrosis carrier

i am 14 weeks and just found out i am a carrier. my husband was tested yesterday and now we wait. i'm going crazy out of my mind. i wanted to know if anyone had this same situation and what they did to ease their mind for these 2 weeks (or possibly more). i'm worried because my husband is strictly european and i'm half asian and carry it which is so rare. i already have a daughter who is fine, but i did not know i was a carrier at the time. please offer some advise and outcomes to any similar situations.
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My sister is a carrier, and her son is fine.  Her boyfriend doesn't have it either, but she said that they test her son once a year to make sure he doesn't have it.  I figure that it to catch it and treat if needed.  So I hope this offers some sort of comfort, I know probably not much but don't stress it out!
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ah, finally some relief. my husband is not a carrier. i swear we should never have been tested. it caused me to worry like crazy for 2 weeks!
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My step father has cystic fiborsis and hes 40 years old! Hes got lots of preoblems surgeries and in the hospital alot for infections but hes happy and living a wonderful life! If your baby gets it, theres nothing that you can do but make your child comfortable and live a hppy life. Worry and being upset will make it worse. Oh...i just saw hes not a carrier. Well congrats and im happy everything turned out good!. :)
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