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why are all the posts recently by non-april mums?

I imagine other April mums are busy, like me, with their lovely month olds,but really...why so many posts from people who aren't April mummies? Doesn't the title make it obvious is not the right forum?

Anyway, hope you and your babies are all well, how are you all getting on?
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hi thats my wee 1 now 7 weeks 4 days and hes doing great he has settled in fine and is now in a routine he is still eating every 3 to 4 hours hes a really hungary baby
he gets his first jabs next weeks so im not looking forward to that but i think hes a little constipated he only does a poo once a day which i find a bit odd does anyone else know if it okay hes only pooing once a day i cant remamber wth my other 2 kids
hope everyone is doing well and enjoying there babys
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What a sweetie

Not pooing for a few days (it may have even been 3 weeks) is normal according to my health visitor, If hes not in discomfort don't worry. My little one can be in discomfort for a few hours before pooing which is on average 2-3 x day but sometimes just once. To help her i feed her on her belly (shes breast fed, i imgine thats not so easy with a bottle!) as feeding helps things move and being on her belly seems to help more, lean her forwards sitting up, and bounce her around alot.

Eloise is now 11 weeks, she has a lovely routine at night, goes down around 8:30pm has a dream feed around midnight when i goto bed, then sleeps through on average 7 hours,but anywhere beween 5-10 hours, if its a lesser amount she goes back to sleep after her feed until 9-10am. During the day however her feeds can be just half an hour apart while awake, usually just over an hour apart, two/three hours if napping or if shes distracted by a different environment if i go out. Being fed on demand means i get very little time to do anything betwen feeds, but shes thriving on her 75th centile.

I feel like i'm getting further and further behind on things that need sorting, but giving her attention for her happiness and development is more important. How i'll find enough quality  time for both if i have another baby when shes a toddler (i'm hoping) i don't know,
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