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All day nausea

Is anyone else experiencing all day nausea/morning sickness?? I am 7wks pregnant and for the past week have been feeling queezy all day and all night.

I am not actually vomiting but strange or bad smells and odours make my reach and I have a constant swirling sick feeling in my stomach. I find when I am hungry it is worse and eating helps but don't want to end up the size of an elephant!! I have tried Ginger biscuits, ginger tea, cutting out caffiene, staying away from spicy foods (can't eat anything but bland food at the moment anyway!) salty snacks, cold water, sea sickness bands, resting....

I am not moaning - I have waited over 4 years for this baby and am know how lucky I am to be pregnant, I also remember I had morning sickness in my previous pregnancies and know it will pass but right now it is driving me to distraction and wondered if anyone had any tips!
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I am going thru the same thing you are...but mine is accompanied with throwing up. My last pregnancy was like this. I was sick for 8 of the 9 months and actually lost weight. This is the part of my pregnancy that I am not looking forward too but after 3 m/c's I will deal with anything for the sake of having this baby. I too find that ginger helps and saltine crackers are my friends. I keep ginger root, ginger snaps, and crackers right beside the bed. I find cold water works too. I'm sorry that I don't have any other suggestions b/c I'm still trying to find things to help me too....I hope you feel better and if I find anything that helps, I'll be sure to let you know.
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My first pregnancy was like that too - I am only 5 weeks 3 days now - so it hasn't happened yet, but I too was sick all day long and didn't actually throw up very much.  I noticed that if I kept a package of peanut butter crackers or saltines, or grapes, with me I could snack on them and I didn't get so hungry and then the sickness wasn't so bad.  Look for a low calorie snack that has a shelf-life so you can store it in your purse/desk and snack at ease.  I did that for the first 4 months - then it seemed to get better.
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i was all day nauseous from about 6 weeks to 8 weeks. it started to calm down a bit. but i still get nauseous when i need to eat/ get hungry. its gets better for some people. but some women get it throughout theyre whole pregnancy. good luck and i hope it goes away for you soon!
eat small and frequent meals if you can. every 3 hours u should be eating something! it will help sooo much if you can!
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Ugh.. Tinkerbell.. I'm right there with you.. I'm 7w4d right now and have the all day & all night nausea.  I chug cold water to help it a bit and since I can't find any food that I actually want, I'm just snacking (on non-spicy or garlicky or greasy) on little things throughout the day.  
I definitely need to get my hands on some ginger somethings.. hope that this will help too!

I love this forum.. good to know that even with these hard things, there's others out there who have gone through (or are going through) the same thing!

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I am 9 weeks and 5 days. I have been extremely nausous pretty much from the begining. The doctor told me to take ginger or B6. I think they have help a little, but not much. There is not much I can eat or drink that sets right. I getting really tired of Sprite and Siera Mist. My doctor said it should let up soon. I sure hope so, since I feel really weak and tired too. I hope it gets better for you soon!! I know how you feel!
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I'm sorry I am not alone with this horrible nausea - I do feel for you all. Today I have tried sucking on pepermints.... It gives very short term relief and if nothing else it takes my mind of of the horrible feeling. I have also bought some sugared ginger which I am praying will do the trick. I am finding even trying to swallow my pre-natals is becoming a battle and my gag relex really is kicking in at every opportunity!!!!
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Oh me too!!  It is nice to be able to commiserate with others although I'm really sorry you all are going through this too!
I had the same exact thing with my daughter how is almost 3 now.  I know in my head that this is a very good sign and it should make me happy - and  it does when I'm not feeling miserable about feeling SOO sick :)
I've tried eating just little things every hour... maybe half a banana or a couple crackers.  Meals are pretty small too as there is a VERY fine line between being hungry and being too full.   Trader Joe's has a candy called ginger chews which have helped a bit and also very cold water or sparkling water. I was drinking ginger ale which does help but I don't want all the extra sugar.  
If this pregnancy is anything like my daughter it was pretty much gone by week 12 or13.  I'm really hoping that will be the case for this one too.  I'm only 7 weeks 6 days so I have a ways to go still.
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Girl I feel the same way. My husband drives me crazy in the morning splashing on his famous cologne, a smell I used to love, now it drives me bananas. I am really queasy during the morning and night. During the day for the most part I am ok unless I get too  hungry. But after 2 miscarriages, I could feel like I am fire all day and I wouldn't mind. The sickness will pass in due time!!!! Good Luck!!
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Im in the same boat. Im 7 week 4days pregnant. Feeling nausea and vomiting since five weeks. I have been diagnosed with hg. In worst kind of all. Im currently have to do iv, zofran and renglan. All i hope this will end after three month.
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