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Help need ways 2 induce labour.....1 day over, going crazy!

Please help ladies, hav no signs of any labour happening, 2nd baby and was due yesterday, so over this
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oh sweety, I know exactly how you feel. This is my third and I've tried every single "trick" in the book. The more popular ones seem to revolve around two things ... getting your body to produce oxytocin (hormone to start labor) naturally, and prostiglandins (hormone found in your body and male semen). trust me, I know you don't want to have sex but you don't really have to enjoy it after all ... you only need his semen on your cervix to soften it up. If you can't do that, then try to get a heating pad and lay it across your nipples for periods of time, like 20 minutes on, 20 off ... it says that that imitates a baby suckling and can kickstart contractions. I hope you go soon, i hope that for all of us :)

good luck.
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Walk walk walk - as much as that is soo not appealing to us now..I am now 5 days over and have been walking, tried sex, tried rasp tea, tried bouncing on an exercise ball etc. The only thing I am not willing to do it that castor oil stuff. That just sounds nasty. I have not had one single contraction but I have started to have a little more discomfort down there in the evenings. Good Luck - hang in there - I know what you are going through. Its SUPER unpleasant.
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Hello i was a week overdue with my third (who is now 7 mths old) and i did what the top lady said but i found it worked so much better when i was on top and penetrated down quite hard. We had sex it the morning and basically straight after i was in labour i had my baby by 5pm that day. Good luck.
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I know exactly how you feel! I just had my little one a week ago and I know how horrible those last few weeks can be!

Walking and sex, but I know that neither may be appealing right now. :) You could try the raspberry leaf tea and the evening primrose oil, but neither will work unless you body is ready. Just hang in there, it's almost over and you'll have your little one in your arms.
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