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I'm so over being pregnant...

The cramping and backaches are driving me nuts!! I really, really want this baby out! I know that might sound horrible, but I am so over being pregnant right now. I can barely move and and I have noticed that I have been a bit snippy with DH the last few days. He's been such an angel and all I do is snip at him for the tiniest little thing. I've also been dealing with insomnia lately and am luck to get 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I lay down and my eyes just won't close. I guess it's just more practice for when baby comes...
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Hi Victoria

Don't feel bad, at 35 weeks +, I already feel the same way as you.  I have not been able to sleep. My mouth feels weird and bitter all the time.  I can barely walk, my back hurts and I cannot sleep.  Any way you are at the stage right now if your baby is born he will not be considered pre term. So don't feel guilty and you don't sound horrible.  everyone in this forum understands your situation
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Girl, i am SO over it too lol and im only 35 weeks! I think we're all done haha i'd like to find a mommy on the April forum who isn't over it!! Come on Babies!!
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I'm right there with you!! I"m 38 weeks and the insomnia is getting reeaaallly old! I am sooooooooooo tired at night and just can't sleep! I don't take naps, i'm walking at night, i even take benadryl and still, can't sleep!!! I also can't figure out the bh contractions. All of week 37 I didn't have any, and since thus, i've had them several times a day. WTH???
I'm also getting tired of the wait and am trying to be patient and remember to do things that i won't get to once he's here, like just lay down, watch tv, read a book, and spend time with DH, but at this point, i feel ready to be a mom and give up that stuff for a while!
Hang in there....we don't have much longer!! (although he hasn't dropped yet and i'm still not dilated at all....it still can't be too much longer) :)
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Right with ya girl!
35 weeks and so sick of fake contractions and the major sharp pains in my cervix...I am sooooo ready to be done!
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My doctor said to take a walk around the mall to stimulate labor.  I'm not due for 16 more days.  I'll probably wait a little while.  Walking a lot will help to have the baby earlier.  
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I have been walking constantly for the last week or so! I walk three times a day for nearly an hour each time. plus I am constantly running after DS! I really wish the walking would do something for me, lol
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if u really want baby out and baby is low do what my doc told me not to do. walk around mop the floor or use a push mower to mow the lawn.
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I've been walking, cleaning the house, scrubbing the bathrooms, mopping floors, bouncing on a birthing ball and playing outside with my son...nothing seems to be working, lol I guess he's just not ready yet...
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My friend said, "Tell your husband to play with your nipples".  I guess it releases something that can stimulate birth.  

I have 14 days to go.  I went to the doc today and she said I am only 1 and a half cm dialated.  I was hoping I would be farther along.  
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I read about the rubbing the nipples thing ... uh i gave up on it after a couple hours lol. I also read that if you put a warm cloth or heating pad on your breasts it can have the same effect but without the numbness from all the rubbing :)
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That gives me an idea , I bought breast buddies - DH calls them Yarmulkes for my boobs.  I They are heating pads for boobs and really helps, maybe I have found a new use - nipple stimulation !! Yay! will try next week after I reach my personal goal of 37 weeks - I know I am horrible but sleepless nights, no mobility, throwing up, carpal tunnel and hives, the pregnancy list keeps growing
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Ahh im so ready to have this little guy! Im 38 wks tomorrow and will be pumped if he shows his face soon! I just started to have contractions last night and all today. They are quick and often but not long lasting or very unbareably painful. I've been using evening primrose oil for a few weeks now so im hoping that helps. I just bought an exercise ball tonight and have been bouncing on it. Also i try to walk whenever possible! Are any of you trying anything? My bf has been out of state for work but when he comes home i want to have as much sex as comfortably possible Haha
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well i've been walking, doing nipple stimulation, having sex, doing pelvic tilts, and even using accupressure on my ankles (Youtube) and NOTHING. As of tues, my cervix is still high and closed, baby hasn't dropped, and no sign of impending labor. And today i'm 39 weeks. I now believe what they say...those techniques only help if baby is already ready...just gives a lil nudge. for those of us like me...they don't do jack crap! :)
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