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Is this a reason for concern?

My LMP was July 17, 2009. I went for an appointment September 1, 2009 and was given a vaginal ultrasound. I was believed to have been 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. The ultrasound showed me more around 5 weeks 4 days. There is a gestational sac in the uterus as it should be, but there was no sign of yolk sac or fetal pole.
My progesterone was 7.1 and I was placed on prometrium. Within 48 hours my progesterone had went up to 17.2 which is great! My hcg levels are my source of worry. They were 9,000 on Sept 1st and had only risen to 13,004 by Sept 3rd. This is only 48 hours and I was under the impression it could take up to 72 or 96 hours to double even, but my doctor seems a bit worried that this could be  a fork in the road so to say and either thrive from here on, or be a sign of possible impending miscarriage. I was not too worried about the ultrasound at first. I only thought perhaps it was too soon. But now that these hcg levels are thrown into the mix.. I am one hot mess of stress and worried I am going to miscarry.
Any logical, insightful help or advice would be extremely appreciated. (good or bad)
Thanks so much.
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My levels are 17.2 and dr says I will mis carry but am 6 days late and all signs
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I don't know much about hcg levels as here in the uk they don't give you blood tests unless there is a cause for concern but can tell you I had a scan at what I thought was 7 weeks (going by my LMP) only to discover an empty gestational sac measuring 5+ weeks.

I had been uncertain about when I had actually ovulated and although I was upset to see an empty sac I accepted that it was too soon to see anything. 10 days later they repeated the scan as I started spotting and they saw a baby + heartbeat.

I wouldn't worry too much about the scan & sometimes think when you have all the blood level figures to hand it can add more worry to the mix. I did ask them to test my levels but the hospital explained to me that the levels are just 'ball park/text book' figures and not everyone is the same. As crissy578 mentioned above some peoples levels just rise more slowly than others.

Try and draw from the positives - they have seen a sac which is in the right place and is all ready for your baby to start growing in, your levels are still increasing and there is no sign of anything to suggest a problem i.e spotting/bleeding/cramping. I know its hard, I walked in your shoes for those 10 days waiting and it was very stressful - but please try and be kind to yourself and know that we are all praying for a good outcome. Take care :)
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I am also taking prometrium every night at bedtime. Does this medicine give you any weird side effects. Sometimes I feel vey emotional and I don't know if it's cause of the pregnancy or the meds. Just keep hope. I heard that some women's HCG levels rise slowly during pregnancy and it doesn't always mean miscarriage. I also had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and we couldn't see nothing but a sac. I go tomorrow for my next scan. Wish me luck!!!!! I am sure that you will be fine.
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