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Pregnancy Weight Gain

I am 24 wks pregnant today and I am starting to worry that I am not gaining enough weight. In the entire pregnancy I have only gained about 5 lbs. How much weight has everyone else gained? Should I be worried about my lack of weight gain?
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I just had my OB visit yesterday and am 24w5d but measuring closer to 26w. I have only gained 6 pounds and doctor doesn't seem worried at all since the baby is growing good and has a good heart rate. As long as your doctor isn't worried, then I wouldn't worry either.
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Oh okay. Thank you! That makes me less worried for sure. My doctors hadn't said anything about it but they are kind of the type of doctors that don't tell me things until I come out and ask them about it specifically. Good to know I'm not the only one who isn't gaining as quickly as the rest!
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my weight is still going up and down a pound or two like it did when i wasn't pregnant. I've gained between 0 and 5 pounds - i am overweight to begin with, but the doctor told me that I will gain the same amount of weight during pregnancy that a smaller woman would. I also started taking wellbutrin, which causes a little weight loss. who knows. my cousin gained 9 pounds during her first pregnancy but my neighbor gained almost 80. lol i guess it has alot to do with your diet and exercise habits before pregnancy. My first pregnancy i was only 20 pounds heavier on my popping day lol.
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I'm 20 weeks and have gained 15# already.  Ugh.  I'm really not over-eating.  I try to keep things normal as before I got pregnant.  This weight just keeps going up..
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I'm 22 weeks and up 9 pounds now.. but since I lost 5-6 in the first trimester.. i've gained all of that back plus the 9..  I'm on a steady gain now of about a pound a week.. that's what's pretty standard, or so the doc says.. and so the books say.   I can easily keep that up!  haha..  still eating very healthily and walking a lot.. plus spending about 10 hours a day on my feet at work has kept me active.
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I'm right at 24 wks also and have gained only 5 pounds.  My doctor doesn't seem concerned but I, like you worry about it a little bit.
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I'm 18 weeks and I've gained 11lbs. My doc says the avge weight gain for the first half of pregnancy is about 9 lbs. But I'm tall and thin so he says I can afford to put a bit extra on!! I think as long as your eating healthy and feeling well, it seems it doesn't matter how much you haven't or have put on.
By the time it comes to the end of your pregnancy you'll probably be wishing to loose all the weight gained at that time!!
I say not to worry- everyone is different!!!
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im 21 weeks and have gained 7 pounds...its been going up and down from 5-7lbs. doc says my boy is in the 82nd percentile for growth and that he is doing just fine so to not worry about the weight loss or gain.  as long as babies good....everythings good.
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Normally i weigh around 96lbs, so im tinny, but i almost gained 20lbs already and im 21 weeks today. It doesnt look like i gained 20lbs, but i did. Im assuming it will slow down.
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I've only gained 6 lbs. I think you'll probably start gaining weight quicker the farther along we get bc it will be the baby too!
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Hi, like you I normally weigh around 96-98lbs so I too am tiny.  I lost wight in 1st tri and was 93 lbs.  My current weight is 119.5 lbs.  My Ob told me to gain as much weight as I can, its good for the baby.  He was looking at anything between 30 lbs - 35 lbs.  Right now I still have skinny arms and legs just carrying a basketball under my shirt
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Well now that I am 33 weeks I have gained a total of 24 lbs! So I don't think I am under weight at this point but now I'm starting to worry that I will gain too much weight. lol I am just a worry wart I guess. My doctor says she thinks I'll gain around 30 lbs total but that if I get past 35 lbs we have a problem. I am just trying to not eat junk food. I still eat as needed but hopefully staying away from the sweets and junk will help me gain healthy weight! :)
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I have gained 31 lbs at 26 weeks.  I started out the pregnancy with a body fat% of only 14%.  I can't exercise as intensely as I did before but I have kept with spinning class and jogging 4 to 5 days a week.
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