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Stetch mark prevention

I have been HIGHLY advised by a few moms now to go and buy BIO OIL from the local drug store. They swore by it for their stretch marks when they were preg and said it was the one thing they would not have gone without. I have another friend who is not preg and says that she believes that stretch marks are unavoidable. I am a very fair skinned person, straw-blond hair and have a pinkish tone to my skin. I burn in a minute in the sun. I doubt I will make it through this preg without stretch marks...but I will not be caught dead not trying to eliminate them to the best of my ability. I am creaming several times a day with multiple creams (cocoa butter, Aveeno etc. ) and using this BIO OIL which by the way is a great way to get hubby to massage you before bed and "participate" in the pregnancy (haha). Was just wondering what you guys are doing??? I am 13 weeks and growing VERY fast!  Soooo?? what have you heard?? I will soak in anything to eliminate them :)  
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Hahaha, well, I'm also strawberry-blond and prone to burning.. figure that stretch marks are a battle to be fighting against!  

I found this amazing "african butters" specialist lady on Etsy and she has a specific Mama Tumbo Butter mix for stretch marks.. super rich but not greasy and the smell is very light and natural (a must for the scent-sensitive queasy stomach right now..). My skin  is loving it and hopefully this prevention will pay off!  I haven't grown a bit yet (except for the bloating.. sheesh) but I'm sure that'll start kicking in soon.. :D

Love the "participation" factor of the oil though.. might have to try that one... ;D

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Keeping your skin moisterised will help with the itching as everything grows but think at the end of the day its down to genetics. With my first pregnancy I did everything in my power to prevent stretch marks... used oils, expensive creams, coco butter, baby oil... you name it but still got stretch marks on my tummy hips and bb's.

Mine have faded to a pale colour and are not really that noticeable, just one of the badges of honour I wear to mark the wonderful life of my children. I also have had to have 2 C-Sections (& will sadly be having this baby via C-Section too) and have some ugly scars which all the cream in the world wouldn't prevent. I I did find it hard to come to terms with these at the beginning... so in comparision I would rather have the stretch marks anyday!
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I have heard that this BIO OIL stuff can really reduce scars such a c-section scars. I would try anything to be honest. I want to make sure I have done everything to prevent it - and in the end if and when they happen - I know I did what I could and did not neglect my body. Thanks for sharing your experiences though. Ugh to being a sort of red head with a natural pasty white skin year round! LOL
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palmers streach mark lotion.  I used it with my 1st, and I have NONE!

I am very light skinned also.  I do however have very oily skin.  I think if you have a lot of natural oils your skin streaches more easily....

use it am and pm.  lots of it.  don't forget your hips, thighs, butt, and breasts.
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Where can you buy Bio Oil?! I've just been using hemp lotion & palmer's cocoa butter belly cream stuff..
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I got the BIO Oil at the drug store/pharmacy. I found it in the baby stuff section and its in a white and orange box. :)  I also use the Palmers one..like I said I am totally overdoing it but Im off so I can be oily all day if I have to. :)
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my mom said to use palmers cocoa butter and to break open vitamin E capsules on top and rub it in alll over....she has Zero stretch marks after being pregnant with me and my brother so i believe her lol! i have also heard about this said Bio oil as well though....great post tobbeyj thank you...i also want to do everything i can to prevent them as i am 9 weeks and already starting to grow!
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I think I have my first stretch mark. Like I said earlier, I am naturally pink skin toned, and red in minutes in the sun. I have a little red line on the side of my butt and I am sooo not impressed (but not going to have heart attack over). A friend of mine said that she used BIO OIL to minimize her stretch marks after her baby was born. I am going to use that stuff in EXCESS!!! Starting - well now. Its funny because when I use it I look like a preg body builder ready for a competition...only I'm missing the sexy muscles and all :) hehe!  I have some of the Palmers cocoa cream, and I use it in the morning and sometimes during the day. I find that swimming in this colder weather is keeping my skin dry so I try to lather myself up like a wet fish all day long. Here is hoping some of us don't get the marks, and if so that they are not too bad......I am pretty sure I will have em for the team though.
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I just read on a post that johnsons baby oil gel works a treat. I've been using palmer's cocoa butter also to no avail n chemist said bio oil wont prevent them just help with existing marks.
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