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Ultrasound update!

I had my 32 week ultrasound yesterday!  Braeden finally decided to move his hand a little bit (after a LOT of poking at him and annoying him!) so that we could get a pic of his face!  He's measuring good, although slightly small (about 4-5 oz).  He weighs about 3 lb 8 oz now :-).  He's still Very breech.. His head is up near my ribs on my left side, and his feet are in front of his face, so he's all folded up.  Which doesn't really matter if we go ahead and do the c-section. Everyone has a different opinion about that though, so no final decision has been made. Too many doctors, and too little communication between them!  At this point, I plan on going with whatever MY cardiologist says, as he's the only one that actually me, so I feel like he's the one that's really looking out for ME.  Anyway, check out his pic on my page!
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