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VERY scared. No fetal pole @ 5wks 5 days gestation.

The first day of my last period was around July 15 - 19.  I was not really keeping track as I was on birth control pills and was not concerned about pregnancy.  I missed my starting day and was feeling sick and my breasts were very sore, tender, and swollen... Well, I took a test and it was positive.  I have two children, one 11yrs old and one 2 years old.  I never had bleeding or ANY complications with either pregnancy.
I started feeling very sick and dehydrated.  Mild cramps, well...dull paid..can't even say it was cramps.  I had some spotting (not even enough to soil my panties, only there when I wiped) which was bright pink only ONE time, I have had slight spotting since, but a very dark brown color (like when you are ending your monthly cycle).  I was concerned, so I went to the emergency room.  They said my Hcg level was 3059 and they said all of my bloodwork looked good.  
BUT, when they did the Ultrasound, there was a gestational sac and there was a yolk sac inside of it showing I was 5 weeks and 5 days but the ultrasound report said a fetal pole was not visualized at this time. Nonvisualization of the placenta at this stage of gestation. No documentation of amniotic fluid given the age of the gestation.  Small volume of free fluid was noted in my pelvis.  They said the impression of the ultrasound was early pregnancy versus blighted ovum and recommended a short term follow up with my doctor.  I called my doctor and am still waiting for the nurse to call me back.  They are treating it like no big deal and act like they just do not even want to see me.  My doctor usually doesn't even see patients until they are 10 weeks.  I have an appointment on the 15th.  But that seems forever from now!!  I am so scared.  Is there a baby?  Did I miscarry? Can anyone offer any info?  Has anyone exerienced this before?  I am still feeling sick and my breasts are still swollen and very tender/sore.  I still FEEL pregnant and have no cramping, heavy bleeding or clots.  HELP!
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   If your Doctor will not see you and you are scared, go see a different doctor. I am too impatient for all of that. I am not saying change doctors. Just find a doctor that will see you sooner and then go beck to your orginal doctor.
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Thank you.  I was just considering doing the same thing but my doctor actually JUST called me back... They are sending me for bloodwork to make sure my levels are going up.  They said it may just be too early but will not know anything for sure until my results come back.  As long as my numbers are going up, it should be ok.  I'm hoping it is all ok!!  I will not know until tomorrow or Wednesday though.  I am way too impatient myself and especially for this!!!  I want to know NOW.. I am so scared!!  But, I will just have to wait!!
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At least they are sending you for bloodwork to make sure things are going ok. My levels were strong at 5 weeks 5 days however they did not see a heartbeat or fetal pole either. The doctor was not very encouraging to me and I was so scared. I was actually seeing a RE at the time not my regular OB/GYN. Anyway I went crazy for a week thinking what could be happening. Thank God I went back a week later and everything was there a fetal pole and strong heartbeat! I hope all works out well for you too! Good Luck with the bloodwork. It may just be too soon to see those things on the sonogram. BTW I spotted as well a little during this time. Pretty much like you had mentioned.
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Thank you.... that is comforting.  I am sorry you had to go through that.  I am glad everything worked out for you!!  :-)
This is the worst feeling... I am still so confused and scared.  I can only imagine how scared you were with your dr not being encouraging.  Mine isn't painting the prettiest of pictures, I guess too scared to give me too much hope.  Just saying it MAY be too early but they will not know for sure until after the bloodwork.  Only THEN can they know what step to take next.  The lab tech. told me that my dr. will have the results in a day or two.  I am not sure if he will send me for another US yet or not.  I took another home pregnancy test and the hcg line still came up immediately and VERY dark..  I'm not sure if that matters or how much... But, with me not being able to get much info. from professionals, I am coming up with any way I can to try to ease my anxiety...  I guess I'm just "fishing' for hope right now.. But, I really appreciate everyone sharing their wisdom with me and the comforting words!!  I appreciate it immensely!!  :-)
I guess the only thing I can do is TRY to be patient and keep praying!!
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Also, my uterus is tilted backwards and they did not have me fill my bladder before taking the ultrasound.  I had actually given them a urine sample RIGHT before they took me for the US.  I know, from experience, that its VERY hard to see anything without a full bladder and I have heard that a tilted uterus can also make it very hard to see?
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Did you have an abdominal scan or a transvaginal scan? I had the latter and they told me i needed to empty my bladder??? I also have had two scans at around 4.5 weeks and 6 weeks and have seen nothing at all. No GS, YS or HB!!!!
Am waiting for another scan this thursday so I understand your waiting pains! I am so frustrated with it all :o(
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I had a transvaginal ultrasound everytime I have gone thus far. They also always make me empty my bladder before they do the U/S. Its so very hard to wait and stay hopeful, believe me I know. I was in a state for almost 2 weeks with all of this. I found a lot of comfort on these posts from women going through similar situations. I hope all goes a lot better with the next scans that you get. My scan that we actually heard and saw the heartbeat was at around 6 weeks and 4 days. I have read other posts where women haven't seen it until 7 weeks. Do your best to stay positive and hopefully all will work out. As far as the abdominal scan I think its still too soon to see anything with one of those yet.
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I had both the transvaginal and abdominal.  They didnt tell me much in how to prepare for either.... empty bladder on both.  The only comforting person in the ER was the nurse that was tending to me... She was VERY sweet and comforting..
I have been reading of other women who did not see anything at first, around how far along I was... But, saw everything later at mid-6 weeks, 7 weeks, etc....
I thank everyone for their encouraging words... It has made this whole situation MUCH easier to deal with.
They could not even see my right ovary on the ultrasound... my uterus is tilted quite a bit... I am hoping maybe that affected the scans...
I should hear back about my bloodwork sometime today or tomorrow...  Then my dr. said he will advise me on the next step from there...  I am so scared, but I thank everyone that has given their time to help give me some positive feedback and encouraging words!!!
Bless you all and I pray for everyone to have the best outcomes in all of their own situations. :-)
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My results came back in from my bloodtest on Monday.  My HCG went up from around 3000 to over 8000.  I went in for an ultrasound today and still could not see much.  BUT... when she turned on the monitor to try to detect fetal tones.. We SWEAR we both heard a faint heartbeat!!! It even showed up on the visual part where you usually see the heartbeat at... It is just very faint.. But we both think it is there!!!
The ultrasound put me at about 6 weeks 2 days.  The pelvic ultrasound showed the gestational and yolk sac... the yolk sac was A LOT more noticable this time around and when we did the transvaginal we could see both the gest and yolk sac but we both think (the tech and I) that we saw the fetal pole.. very, very tiny and right up against the side of the yolk sac...  We also both saw a slight FLUTTER.. Hard to track, but we both saw it!  So, we think that the baby is there but it is just too early and too tiny to see still!!!

They scheduled me for another ultrasound next week then I go in to see my doctor for my first OBB appt on the 15th.
I have more hope than ever now... The Tech that did my ultrasound is the same Tech that did all of my ultrasounds for my last child (I used to work at the imaging center where the ultrasound was performed).  She is VERy skilled and has been doing ultrasound for about 20 or more years!!!  She knew my daughter was a girl from the very first ultrasound,, even before there was enough there to tell if she was a boy or girl.  I have a lot of faith in her, if she says she thinks she saw something, I trust her.  Plus we BOTH heard a heartbeat!!!  I thought it was my heartbeat at first, but she laughed and said she wasn't close enough to mine to hear MY heart!!  So I'm sure we both heard the baby!!
I'm trying to just focus on that and keep praying that everything works out and is normal...
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My LMP was July 17, 2009 and I have had a very similar situation. I went to the doctor Sept 1 and they did a vaginal ultrasound which showed a gestational sac but no fetal pole or yolk sac. My hcg levels were 9,034 Sept 1st and Sept 3rd had only risen to 13,000. They did go UP but they did not double so I am scheduled for lab work this coming Tuesday, Sept 8th. (makes for a very long labor day weekend WAITING). I have heard so many things.. from, its too soon and to give it a week on the ultrasound and things will show up as they should probably, to concern that because my hcg is rising slowly but not exactly doubling, that it could be a miscarriage. So I am also worried and confused. I hope that a second ultrasound will be done next week to let us see if things have changed at all. Has your doctor mentioned the hcg levels or do you know what yours were and how they have gone up? Thanks and best of luck to you. I hope your pregnancy thrives and results in a healthy baby.. :)
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I went in for an ultrasound on Thursday, Sept 10th.... We actually saw the fetal pole this time.. measuring about 6 weeks 2 days... We even got to see the heart beating and heard it!!!  Beating about 144 bpm... The Tech said it is probably faster, it was just very hard to get the heartbeat because the baby is SO SO tiny right now....  No bigger than a peanut, if not smaller.
So, I agree with others that have told you that it is just SO early... A week or two REALLY makes a difference with viewing the fetal pole and heartbeat... My HCG levels went from 3059 on august 27th to over 8000 by the 31st... So, mine almost tripled.  On my first ultrasound, we also saw a yolk sac, just no fetal pole... But, everyone is different.. I have read a lot of stories that some women were over 8 weeks and still had not seen anything!!!  Some were even diagnosed with blighted ovum but went on to deliver healthy babies!!!
I know it is very hard... but, try to be patient and just keep positive thoughts and pray... There isnt much else you can do... I hope for the best for you!!!!  :-)
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Congrats!  I am happy this whole episode ended happily for you. :)
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my last lmp was on 08/16/09 and l went in today for a virginal scan yolk sac was seen but no fetal pole. and l was told that l had a cyst on my right ovary.l had amiscarriage at 5weeks in january.pls help with advice becos l want to have another healhty babt
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I'm experiencing the same thing and I am devastated the doctor told me tovwautva week to get another us which is Friday. I got my blood drawn Monday have no heart beat or embryo. I'm so scared but it motivates me to see you guys stories. I felt like giving up.
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